Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I dag er flytter dag .... Today is moving day

Jeg har mange "vigtig" ting for at fortælle alle før jeg flytter til Danmark kl. 15.05 i dag! :o)

1. Mine nye kufferter (og den to Mads bragte) er fuld! Jeg købte to meget store kufferter lavede til international rejser sidst måned. (Jeg fik den STOR kuffert fra denne side.... to af dem... og mine er CAJUN RØDE!!)

2. Jeg bringer alle mine sko til Danmark! ALLE af dem!! (inklusive den fem nye par jeg købte!!)

3. I dag er det 63F i Herning (kl. 15.00) og det er 80F i Dallas (kl. 8.00).

4. Jeg skal se Albert og Emmitt i kun 20 timer!!

5. Den Atlantic er kun en lille storrere end en Texas sø!!

6. Alle har brug for at får SKYPE så vi kan snakke gratis. Min SKYPE navn er "kelli313" og Mads SKYPE navn er "thellufsen".

7. Ja, selvføgelig, jeg er ked af det om menneskeret jeg tager afsted i Texas men jeg er meget lykkelig på sammen til. Fordi jeg er klar at være i Herning sammen med Mads. Jeg er klar at være "hjem".

8. Den mest svær ting er bor i en anderledes sted fra Jessica, men hun tager til Danmark om fire uge. Hun og jeg fik noget for at minde os hver dag hvor vi er to piger kan egentlig være HALV AF EN. Vi kompleter hinanden, uanset om vores adresse!

9. Jeg siger "Farvel" til Texas og USA... men jeg siger "vi ses" til alle.

I have many "important" things to tell everyone before I move to Denmark at 3:05pm today! :o)

1. My new suitcases (and the 2 Mads brought also) are full! I bought two very big suitcases made for international travel last month. (I bought the BIG suitcases from this site two of them .... and mine are CAJUN RED!)

2. I am bringing all of my shoes to Denmark! ALL of them! (including the 5 new pair I bought!!)

3. Today it is 63F in Herning (at 3pm) and it is 80F in Dallas (at 8am).

4. I will see Albert and Emmitt in only 20 hours!!

5. The Atlantic is only a little bigger than a Texas lake!

6. Everyone needs to get SKYPE so we can talk for free. My SKYPE name is "kelli313" and Mads´ is "thellufsen".

7. Yes, of course, I am sad about the people I leave behindin Texas, but I am happy at the same time. Because I am ready to be in Herning together with Mads. I am ready to be "home"

8. The most difficult thing is living in a different place than Jessica, but she comes to Denmark in four weeks. She and I got something to remind us every day how 2 girls can actually be HALF OF ONE. We complete each other, regardless of our address!

9. I say "goodbye" to Texas and the USA ... but I say "see you later" to all of you.


N said...

I'm have excited for you!

Rachel said...

Hi Kelli -

This post was great and the best was that the Atlantic isn't that much bigger than a Texas lake.

That was special what you and Jess did... you both look beautiful in the picture!

I'm sure Albert and Emmitt are excited to be seeing you soon... if only they had a bog too lol

Mom said...

Today was the most difficult day of my life. All along I have said that your happiness was the most important thing to me, but seeing you leave today was more than a mother could bear...but I also understand how you must be feeling leaving your baby girl here in Texas which is her home. I loved the video of "going home." I think I can understand that being with Mads is going home for you. I am glad that you have found someone who completes you. I do understand that because I cannot imagine my life without your dad as he is the love of my life! Hold on to your love and it will sustain you through anything - I know my love for Dad has sustained me through the hardest day of my life! I love you more than you understand. New doors are opening for you - RUN thru them and enjoy every moment! See you soon!

Ellen and Sharon said...

Kelli, you are too funny. You seem to have thought of everything. We will be thinking of you and Mads as you make your journey. We would love to see Albert and Emmitt when they realize that it is you and you are there to stay. How exciting for you. We hope to hear more about your trip.

tina said...

Bon voyage Kelli ! You are going to have a wonderful life in Denmark I have no doubt. And I'm going to get Skype and headset etc. so I'll talk to you soon! woof woof from Kona to Albert!

Nichole said...

Hope your moving day went great.
I love the mommy daughter tattoos. You two are too cute.

HOLMES said...

I'll echo, underscore, and plagiarize everything your mom said.

Love you, sister!

00 said...

I'll be moving soon and I feel how you felt then when you were moving to Denmark. I too am an American who has fallen deeply in love with a European, a Dutchie to be exact. Next week will be my last week in the States and then I'm off to the Netherlands to start my new life. It's definitely a bitter sweet feeling. Anyway, thanks for writing this. It's definitely what I need! x