Sunday, June 22, 2008

Min først weekend i Herning ... My first weekend in Herning

Min weekend har været meget god! Jeg kan ikke tror jeg kun ankom i Herning fem dage siden! Jeg har set mange mennesker og har oplevet mange ting og jeg kan helt sikkert sige jeg føler meget velkommen i min ny hjem! I stedet for stadig tænker om alting jeg forlod i Texas, jeg prøver at udnytte mig af denne tid mens jeg arbejde ikke. Nu er min mulighed at lære så meget som muligt om Danmark, Herning og liv med Danskerne. Jeg skriver en list hver aften med tingene jeg lærte dette dag.... og jeg lover at dele min meget interessant list med jer snart!

My weekend has been good! I cannot believe I only arrived in Herning five days ago. I have seen many people and have experienced many things and I can definitely say I feel very welcome in my new home! Instead of constantly thinking about everything I left in Texas, I am trying to take advantage of this time while I am not working. Now is my opportunity to learn as much as possible about Denmark, Herning and life with the Danes. I am writing a list each night with the things I learned that day... and I promise to share my very interesting list with you all soon!

Her er en få af mine billeder (og en video Mads lavede) fra i går og i dag.
Here are a few of my pictures (and a video Mads made) from yesterday and today.

Min mand viser til mig hvor at cykle en cykel i Danmark!
My husband shows me how to ride a bike in Denmark!

Jeg stadig kiggede for tegnene ligesom fordi jeg ønsker ikke at få en billet fra politiet på min først cykeltur!
I constantly looked for the signs like this because I did not want to get a ticket from the police on my first bike ride!

Kigge! Amerikaners KAN cykle en cykel!
See! Americans KAN ride a bike!

Danmark er "Juletræ Landet"!!
Denmark is the "Christmas Tree Country"!!

Vi havde to besøg til vores hus i dag... min ven, Paula, og hendes mand, Thomas! Jeg mødte Paula på min blog og i dag var vores først tid at møde "ansigt til ansigt". Det var MEGET GODT! Vi snakkede om næsten tre timer ligesom gamle venner!
We had two visitors to our house today... my friend, Paula, and her husband, Thomas! I met Paula on my blog and today was our first time to meet "face to face". It was GREAT! We chatted for almost three hours like old friends!

Det var godt for den "to Dansk mænd med udlandske koner" at have tid sammen!
It was great for the "2 Danish men with foreign wives" to have time together!

Vi er meget spændt om vores to nye venner i Jylland og ved vi skal har mange gode tider med dem i fremtid!
We are very excited about our two new friends in Jutland and know we will have many good times with them in the future!


Anonymous said...

It looked like you really had great time last weekend. It's great to know that you feel like home here in Denmark and it's wonderful how people can be friends from the internet, isn't it? :D

journeyinfinite said...

The paved bike lane separate from the road is so cool!

BTW how was Mads able to to get that video of you on the bike?

N said...

It's great that you two have meet. It must be exciting.

Paula said...

We had a very good time as well! Its great to be able to sit and talk about our common issues as cross-cultural couples in Denmark. Looking forward to good times ahead :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, you actually speak Danish? I'm amazed, it looks like a difficult language to me!

I did the opposite move, from Europe (France) to Canada. It's fun to adopt a new country, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! ;)

Nichole said...

You look great riding the bike!
I'm so glad you got some new friends close by. :)

Rachel said...

You had a busy first weekend.... I'm sure that has something to do with you feeling right at home so quickly. That was great you got to meet Paula and her husband.

Mads did an awesome job with directing and producing the video of you biking ;-) Then again, he had a great actress to work with lol

Marianne said...

It doesn't seem that you have any trouble riding a bike!

I see you had my old class mate Thomas over for a visit. We grew up in the same town and were in the same class for 9 years (if you were on Facebook, you could see pictures of him as a kid!).
I'm glad that you are making new friends here in Denmark so fast! It must be hard leaving everyone back in the States!

May said...

Hi Kelli!

You don't know me, I just stumbled over your blog today and had to make a google account so I could welcome you to Herning. I hope you'll like it here. :)

I've moved around a lot, but I'm a local. My husband is the expat. We just moved back to Denmark last August.

I've had so much fun reading your blog and seeing all the familiar places through someone else's eyes.


sportygal said...

Hi there! I came across your blog after doing a google search.

I am wondering if you can help me a bit? I live in the states and have met an amazing guy from Denmark. I find him to be very different than American men-shy, reserved, and not too aggressive. I know he's interested, but I am wondering if you can give me a bit of an insight into Danish men. Is it common for them to wait for the woman to make the move? Is it typical for them to be more on the reserved side, or is this just more of a personality than cultural thing? Any help you can give me would be awesome! Thanks!!!