Saturday, June 7, 2008

Open by night in Herning ... or is it in Texas?!?

Four times a year we have something in Herning called "open by night" where all the shops have opened until 10 at night. Now you are probebly thinking to your self "what is so special about that? Wallmart have open 24/7 all year" This is Herning so bear with me LOL :o) ANYWAY! ... You are probably thinking to your self why the American flag is scent in Herning, but it is because the theme was "America". As you can see that is alot of people enjoying this night of enjoyment and shopping .. A favorit night for Kelli in the future! :o) A "wanna-be-cowboy" also came alone ... Damn! I should have brought my cowboy hat! Take a look at this nice car ... we don't see that every day in Denmark. Even Herning have there own American Football team ... The Herning Hawks! And at last Tamra Rosanes that is an American country singer that moved from America to Denmark 30 years ago. She is now known for her country music here in Denmark.

I know that "The Lone Star Flag" was not there on that night ... but see it this way ... Everytime Kelli and I get the chance for it the two flags - "The Danish and The lone Star flag" will scent over Haraldsgade 1 ... !


Mom said...

Looks like a lot of fun in Herning! I think you should have worn your cowboy hat. Only a few days before you arrive in Texas - it is REALLY hot here, so be prepared.

Rachel said...

Hej Mads -

Det er sjov over l├Žst dine posts om hvad der ske i Herning.
Tak for at dele!

ummm... just in case here's English version lol

It is fun to read your posts about what is happening in Herning. Thanks for sharing!


Nichole said...

How fun!