Friday, June 13, 2008

Pigers dag..... Girls day

Den Rød Dør Spa,
Agurk vand,
Frokost til Blåt Bord,
Går på indkøb i Stonebriar,
og fyrre smukke tæer!

The Red Door Spa,
Cucumber water,
Lunch at Blue Mesa,
Going shopping at Stonebriar,
and forty beautiful toes!


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, The Red Door Spa is very nice! We went there when my eldest sister Heather got married instead of doing a traditional bachelorette party. Your toes look lovely!

Paula said...

Enjoy it while you can. Danish spas are EXPENSIVE!

Anonymous said...

Det er temmeligt dyrt at gå i spa her, og jeg savner det forfærdeligt meget

Nichole said...

What a fun and special girls day at the spa! :)