Sunday, June 1, 2008

Rock in Herning ... A boys only weekend!

For the third year in a row Herning is having two days of "ROCK AND ROLL" with alot of great Danish names and with one forrent name that I think that most of you know's ... Ace of Base from Sweden. Let me just say that "Ace of Base" was great in the 90's when they hit in Europe and Amerika, but times have changed and good rock is more like my kind of music now. Rene, Emil (he's son) and one of he's friends came to Herning Friday night, where I have made everything ready for a BBQ with some beers and a bottle of win, so we could get in the mode from Saturday. Rene is the one that I visit Texas together with in October 2006 and where I meet Kelli for the first time ... the rest of the storie you know all about :o)

Saturday came and the boys headed to "Rock in Herning" ... here is a couple of pictures for you to look at ...
As you all can see, we had a great and fun time yesterday with alot of good music, sunny weather and temp around 80-90, alot of wather and of cause BEERS :o) Eventhough that it was a "boys only" weekend, I must admit that both Rene and I missed our wifes and therefore we will bring them next year, so if you are not doing anything the last weekend in May 2009, then you know were the party is :o)


Mom said...

looks like you all had a great time! Not sure Texas will be that exciting....but we are looking forward to you coming next week!

Kelli Nørgaard said...

Was that Carlsberg LITE beer you were drinking??!!!
I am ready for our posts to be about things we are doing together!!!