Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dag 2 i Amsterdam … Day 2 in Amsterdam

Vi havde mange ting på vores skema i dag, og vi gjorde dem alle! We had many things on our schedule today, and we did them all!


House of Bols Experience
Læse om den Hus af Bols. Det er en meget interessant historie om Lucas Bols og hans whiskeyfabrik. Kender I KLM luft severede Bols likør i lille blåt glæst huse mange år ago til alle der kunder?!... Read about the House of Bols. It is such an interesting story about Lucas Bols and his distillery. Did you know that KLM airlines served Bols liqueur in little blue glass houses many years ago to all their customers?!

Vi lugtede. Vi smagte. Og vi jævn gjorde en film at vise vores forbløffende bartending færdigheder! We smelled. We tasted. And we even made a movie to show our amazing bartending skills!

"Bartender" Kelli House of Bols

"Bartender" Mads House of Bols

"Bartender" Jess (Denne skal aldrig ske i USA, selvfølgelig! This would never happen in the USA, of course!)
House of Bols

Rød Lys Område ... Red Light District
"Kaffe butik" er ikke plads for at have kaffe i Amsterdam. Du kun har kaffe i en cafe´; Amsterdam har 300 Kaffe Butikker hvor tobaksrygning er ulovlig; du kan kun ryg marihuana der. Den høje skole inspektor i mig ønskede "samle op de mennesker i den kaffe butikker og revalidere dem alle!" Jeg stadig kan ikke tro Amsterdam lavede denne lovlig! Men vent... Amsterdam har noget mere chokerende end lovlig narkotikar.
"Coffee shop" is not a place to have coffee in Amsterdam. You only have coffee in a cafe. Amsterdam has 300 "Coffee shops" where smoking tobacco is illegal; you can only smoke marijuana there. The high school principal in me wanted "to gather up the people in the coffee shops and rehabilitate them all!" I still cannot believe Amsterdam made this legal! But wait...Amsterdam has something more shocking than legal drugs.

Du høre om "lovlig prostitution" i Amsterdam, men til du se det med dine ejen øjne, du ikke indse hvor forfærdelig og hvor VIRKELIG det er! Min maven er syg hver gang jeg tænker om det!
You hear about "legal prostitution" in Amsterdam, but until you witness it with your own eyes, you don´t realize how awful and how REAL it is! My stomach is sick every time I think about it!
Langs med en kanal på Rød Lys Område er mange butikker med stort vinduer. Kvinden VIRKELIG stå i vinduet, trækker mænd for at komme ind. De kun klæde på undertøj. Det er den mest frastødende ting du kan forestille sig! Vi gik igennem den Rød Lys District med nysgerrighed fordi vi troede historiene kunne ikke være virkelig, men vi snart lærte, de er!
Along a canal in the Red Light District are many shops with large windows. Women ACTUALLY stand i the window, soliciting men to come in. They are only wearing underwear and it is the most disgusting thing you can imagine! We walked through the Red Light District with curiosity because we believed the stories could not be true, but we soon learned, they are!

Selv om vi var frastøndede med hvad vi så de får minutter, vi har en morsom historie at fortalle..... Jeg tog dette billede af en prostitute i hendes vindue og angrebet af en MEGET STOR, MEGET GAMMEL prostitute. Hun så mig tage billedet og kom ud fra hendes vindue, SKRIGER til mig i 2 eller 3 forskellig sproge--vi tror hollandsk, spansk og en lille engelsk, men vi kun forstod den bandeord. Hun også kastede en fuld, kold øl til mig...ØDSEL! LOL Jeg kunne ikke forestille mig hun er flov om hendes job, er du?!
Although we were disgusted with what we saw those few minutes, we have a funny story to tell.... I took this picture of a prostitute in her window and was attacked by a VERY FAT, VERY OLD prostitute. She saw me take the picture and came out from her window, SCREAMING at me in 2 or 3 different languages--we believe Dutch, Spanish and a little English, but we only understood the swear words. She also threw a full, cold beer at me...WASTEFUL! LOL I don´t suppose she is ashamed of her profession, do you?!

Mere smukke kanaler, arkitektur og ting at minde os Amsterdam er ikke lige "den Røde Lys Områder"; dog det er ikke en sted Mads og jeg skal bor i fremtiden. Det var rigtigt godt for en besøge, men ikke en sted at have en familie, efter vores opfattelse. More beautiful canals, architecture and things to remind us Amsterdam is not just "the Red Light District"; however it is not a place Mads and I will ever live in the future. It was great for a visit, but it is not a place to have a family, in our opinion.


Marianne said...

That picture of the prostitute in the window really shows how sad and not-at-all-sexy that profession must be in many cases!
I hope that beer didn't hit you!?

Ellen and Sharon said...

Sounds like you took your life in your hands when you took that picture!! We're happy you had two strong men to protect you!

N said...

I love the painting that Mads and you posed. I like Van Gogh and have seen few of his paintings.

I once saw a passenger with the blug glass houses at work. I've never seem them before, but we had to take it way 'cause it's "liquid". It sure looks like you all had a lot of fun. I will visit Amsterdam one day.

I'll check the videos later:)

N said...

Your daughter and Mads are so funny. Forget about bartending...I'll drink the alcohol myself. Great spritis as barmaid and bartender. Mads has killing dance skill too.:)

Maybe the lady at red light district doesn't want people to take photos like in Christiania. I thought the windows are fancier than that...I recently watched a documentary on how prostitutes want equal right and treatment for their line of work. It was actually very touching and I shed few tears.

There are so many things that can open one's eyes, when traveling in Europe. I can't wait for more pictures.

stacyo said...

Oh My Gosh Kelli!
Maybe she was just embarrassed of her "granny Panties" lol

You stay away from that city!!!

MoMo 2.0 said...

nope, the beer did not hit me...just sprayed me on the foot! In fact, I was so focused on taking the pic that I did not realize she was throwing it at me, until the kids started to holler at me! LOL...
And there are not any "no photo" signs there...only on specific windows, but not the RLD as a whole...although the tourism books do say it is "discouraged". But you know me...

Anonymous said...

Really fascinating entries about your trip to Amsterdam. I've never been. It's interesting to me how some people see prostitution as a "freedom". When you see the reality, it is extremely oppressive.

Nichole said...

yea Bols! I love that place. What drinks and types did you get and try and did you like them?