Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mine børn ankommer! My children arrive!

Enhver venter med deres Dannebrog i "ANKOMSTER" i den Billund Lufthavn. Everyone waits with their Danish flags at "ARRIVALS" in the Billund Airport.

Endelig, kommer ud Jess og Stephen! Finally, Jess and Stephen come out!

Og liv er rigtig god! And life is very good!


Nichole said...

Yea!! They are here!!

I can't help but notice how much luggage they have! LOL. No wonder you needed plenty of space for their bags in the guestroom! ;)

Enjoy your time together.

N said...

Both are your children? I thought you only have a daughter. Maybe I'm confused. What's up with Danneborg everywhere?

Mom said...

glad to see that your little girl arrived safe & soung. I know you will enjoy these next 10 days...they will go by quickly - so take advantage of every moment!

MoMo 2.0 said...

BFish: Jess and Stephen have been dating for more than 8 months...he is just like my son.

And the Danes are VERY proud of the Danish flag... they ALWAYS display them for special occasions like bdays or arrival of guests... also, every time you go to the airport, you will see people waiting to greet their visitors with Dannebrog... Read about it here:

The importance of this to the Danes is what inspired the tat I got before Mads and I got married... a small Dannebrog on the back of my neck. Great conversation piece! LOL

Marianne said...

It must have been so exciting for you to drive to the airport and then be waiting for Jess and Stephen to walk through customs!
I've waited there a couple of times too.

Some Danes are very proud of the Danish flag but for me and many others it has just become a symbol of celebration, not patriotism.
When I was 14, my sister was an exchange student in Colorado and I remember seing pictures from her 18th birthday there and wondering why they had no (Danish) flags up. I had to think about it for a while before realizing that of course her American family didn't have any "Dannebrog"s!