Monday, July 7, 2008

På jagt efter ting i Herning og Lyngby ... Scavenger Hunt in Herning & Lyngby

Min veninde, Nichole, havde en FORBLØFFENDE idé med at hjælpe mig at lære om mit nye hjem i Herning-- En Foto Jagt! Nichole, hendes mand, Michael, Mads og jeg skrev hver fem ting på vores list at give os 20 ting at lede efter! Vi har kun 1 regel--Vi må tage et billede når vi finde tinge i vores by! Her er hvad vi fandt:

My girlfriend, Nichole, had an AMAZING idea to help me learning about my new home in Herning--A Photo Scavenger Hunt! Nichole, her husband Michael, Mads and I each wrote five things on our list to give us 20 things to look for! We had only 1 rule--We
must take a picture when we find the things in our town! Here is what we found:

Nichole er vinderne af "Jagt #1" fordi hun fandt alle, undtagen 2 ting (her er hjemmeside med hendes billeder).... Mens jeg fandt alle, undtagen 3 ting. Dog, jeg føler ligesom jeg vandt fordi Mads og jeg udforskede mange pladser i Herning kigger for min list! Nu er vi klar at begynder vores næste jagt!

Nichole is the winner of "Hunt #1" because she found all of them, except 2 things (here is the link with her photos) ...While I found all of them, except 3 things. However, I feel as if I won because Mads and I explored many places in Herning looking for my list! Now we are ready to begin our next hunt!


Jennifer said...

Did you say you COULDNT find a Danish flag ON A PERSON? Did you look in a mirror? LOL! love ya!

N said...

This is so interesting.

HOLMES said...

Nobody's list has bacon on it! Foul!

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic idea! It looks like you all had a lot of fun. My friend Mindy and I do this sorta thing a lot. Mindy is the crazy mom from Chicago that I do all my Ten Tenor adventures with. Before we'll go out for a night, we'll make predictions (and have a contest to see who has the most accurate predictions) or have a secret list of things we have to look for, etc. Maybe you could have all your blog friends each give you two items for your next hunt.

MoMo 2.0 said...

I LOVE the idea of blog friends offering suggestions for our next list! I will talk to Nichole about it today and we will come up with a plan..

and yes, oh wise sister of mine, my Danish flag TAT is what inspired me to choose that one... and then it bit me in the butt because I could not find one!! LOL The other rule I forgot to cannot use things in your own

Nichole said...

I'm looking forward to round two.
We should keep the tandum bike on the list but make it an extra bonus...:)

Paula said...

i think morke is the only place in denmark with a tandem bike :) i love the idea of a scavenger hunt! Good on you guys!

Rachel said...

Great idea w/ the scavenger hunt... and I look fwd to helping out when your Blog Friends are invited to assist in the next one.

Maybe we could have a Denmark vs US Scavenger hunt of some sort - prob more coordination of teams involved on both sides for this tho... but Kelli is proof anything is possible with Denmark and US :-)

I especially liked the picture of the bike at the back of a building as most likely to be stolen in US. I remember being so paranoid at first in Cph when I left my bike anywhere with just the simple turn of the key to lock my wheel.

HOLMES said...

Some suggestions for your next scavenger hunt:

Prostitute or someone dressed like one
Magazine/newspaper with a major American story on the cover-- Obama, Bush, the war, gas, etc.
Stained glass windows (do they have those in DK?)
A mullet
Bike basket that's been decorated... streamers, ribbons, flowers?
T-shirt of an American band (quadruple bonus points if it's Journey, Styx, .38 Special, REO Speedwagon, or Boston!)

Nichole said...

I dig Shelly's list!!

Sarah said...

Super cute idea. I love all the photos. Thanks for the E-mail. You had or will have no idea how much that means to me to "know" someone that has moved to Denmark. I have been crazy busy with wedding plans (eeek 23 days to go) but hopefully once I move over I'll be able to blog and write more. I love your graphics? Did you design them?