Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sørgelige ting og lykkelige ting .... Sad things and happy things

EN MEGET SØRGELIG ting for en Amerikan pige...A VERY SAD thing for an American girl:
Min opvaskemaskine er brækket!! ... My dishwasher is broken!!

En MERE sørgelig ting for en Amerikan pige...A MORE sad thing for an American girl
Jeg må vaske op alle fadene I HÅNDEN!! I must wash all the dishes BY HAND!

MEN..... jeg fandt to meget lykkelige ting i går! BUT.... I found two very happy things yesterday!

FØRST... Kvikly Købmand fik en udlevering af CRAWFISH i går, og i aftes lavede denne Cajun pige en perfekt parti af Crawfish Etouffee! Min roux var den PERFEKT farve og det smagte så godt!!! First... Kvikly Grocery Store got a shipment of CRAWFISH yesterday, and last night this Cajun girl made a perfect batch of Crawfish Etouffee! My roux was the PERFECT color and it tasted so good!!

ANDEN...Jeg fandt en Kerastase Salon hedder POULM SALON!
SECOND...I found a Kerastase Salon called POULM SALON!

Og de har hver Kerastase hår produkt jeg bruger...BILLIGERE END(ja, jeg sagde BILLIGERE END!)det koster i Amerika! And they have every Kerastase hair product I use....CHEAPER THAN (yes, I said CHEAPER THAN!) it costs in America!

TREDJE...Jeg har min først hår aftale på tirsdag, og jeg er meget spændt!
THIRD... I have my first hair appointment on Tuesday, and I am so excited!


Anonymous said...

HI Kelli,

I think you should use at gå i stykker than at være brækket. The last one is for bones or other huge stuff like iceshelves LOL

HOLMES said...

OMG, I used to use the same conditioner you do! Then it got crazy expensive. We might need to have you fly some of that back to the states, wink wink.

Mom said...

It's the little things like Crawfish and hair products that make us happy!

Anonymous said...

My hairdresser at Eaton Court just sold me the same conditioner too! It's amazing!

N said...

I always washed the dishes by hand...we don't even have a dishwasher.:p

Ellen and Sharon said...

The dishwasher problem is the pits. Thank goodness it wasn't the washing machine!! We know a young lady who does many of the clothes by hand!! YUK!!!

Nichole said...

Have fun at your new salon!

It's too bad your blog readers couldn't see Mads working overtime to try to get that dishwasher working for you before it was claimed completely broken.

NotQuiteDanish said...

I think it's perfectly understandable to become totally depressed when the dishwasher breaks down. It's the only time NQDII and I have come close to killing each other.

journeyinfinite said...

Mmmmm...etoufee...C'est si bon! J'aime l'epice!
(It's so good! I love the spice!)

Marianne said...

Your shampoo and hair "masque" are also my favorites. I hope your new hairdresser does a good job.

Sorry about your dishwasher. When we bought our house, we didn't have one the first year. The whole kitchen had to be redesigned to make room for one. It was tough! :)