Sunday, July 13, 2008

Vores weekend med Nichole og Michael ... Our weekend with Nichole and Michael

Vores først HUSGÆSTER er i toget, går tilbage til Lyngby....De var perfekt husgæster! Vi var meget spændt for at have Michael og Nichole i vores hjem og det var en vidunderlig weekend! Faktisk, mens var de her, planlagde vi allerede vores næste eventyr sammen! Sommetider bekrymer veninder om vores mænd ikke være god venner ligesom vi er.... Men Nichole og jeg har ikke brug for at bekryme os fordi vi er sikkert på vi har giftet os med tvillinge brødre!!
Our first HOUSEGUESTS are on the train, going back to Lyngby....They were perfect houseguests! We were so excited to have Michael and Nichole in our home and it was a wonderful weekend! In fact, while they were here, we already planned our next adventure together! Sometimes girlfriends worry that our husbands will not be good friends like we are....but Nichole and I do not need to worry because we are sure we have married twin brothers!
Nichole og Michael ankommer i den Herning togstation... Nichole and Michael arrive at the Herning train station
Denne skilt bør at sige "Hår Fri Zone" .... This sign ought to say "Hair Free Zone"
En Amerikan morgenmad sammen med min svigermor og svigerfar ... An American breakfast with my mother in law and father in law
Mads introducerer Nichole og Michael til "den bedste pølse i verden" ... Mads introduces Nichole and Michael to "the best sausage in the world"
Det er egentlig lige "alle om ølen" ... It is really just "all about the beer"
Kano tur i Silkeborg ... Canoe trip in Silkeborg
Vi elsker stærke mænd som ro ekstra, så vi ikke behøver at ro... We love strong men who row extra, so we don´t need to
Lækkert aftensmad hos Marco Polo i Silkeborg ... DELICIOUS dinner at Marco Polo in Silkeborg
Noget er forkert med denne billede ... Something is wrong with this picture
Hvem er hvem? ... Who is who?

Søndag i den Kunstmuseum af Herning ... Sunday at the Art Museum of Herning Til vejret veksler--nu er det tid at køre hjem!! ... Until the weather changes--now it´s time to go home!!


Nichole said...

We had soooo much fun. I can't believe how fast the weekend went. You say we were the perfect house guests, but you guys were actually the perfect hosts and just made us look good! :)

The pictures all turned out so great. I'm going to have to steal them. We still can' stop laughing at the picture you took of us with Michael canoing in the background.. HAHAHAHA. Have we mentioned he was in theater in high school?? If not, that might explain a lot...

Thanks a billion again. Can't wait to see ya'll again with the kids in a couple weeks. :)

HOLMES said...


The area where you went canoeing looks maybe ten percent similar to the Guadalupe River. It would freakin' ROCK to go down that thing in a canoe... and it would also make the five-hour float take about 25 minutes.

The canoes need beer holders. That can of Michael's looks rather precarious sitting on the bottom of the canoe.

If you wear a red bandanna on your head in some parts of the US, you'll get shot. Are there gangs in DK?

That pourable yogurt in the carton is still about the coolest shizz ever. We waste five clean spoons a week putting ours in a bowl... if only the carton had a spout. *SIGH*

Love and miss you! Looks like you had A BLAST!!

journeyinfinite said...'s Michael and Nichole! They are such a cute couple! Glad you guys had so much fun :-)

N said...

This is so much fun. I envy you! I really can't wait to go to DK, so I can explore more places.

Ellen and Sharon said...

The pictures made us laugh out loud! Looks like ya'll had a great time. You are right, it looks like you both married twin brothers! How cute is that?? We are glad it was a great weekend.

DreaminginDanish said...

Hey there,
Thanks for the supportive comment. I'm gonna need all the positive energy I can get :) Welcome to expat life and hope to meet you once I get back to Århus!

Rachel said...

A great weekend with great friends....

All the pictures look like you had great weather until the last photo of the threatening dark clouds. I guess all good things have to come to an end eventually ;-)

Marianne said...

It looks like you had a great time! Canoeing is such a great idea (like I just commented to Nichole)! Good thing you brought the guys so they could do the paddling!