Saturday, August 16, 2008

Blogging mens er jeg i Texas ... Blogging while I am in Texas

En blog om: Min først dag I skole? Ikke netop … A blog about my first day of school? Not exactly.....

Jeg manglede ikke den ”først dag i skole” i Texas for det sidst treogtredive år. Det først tretten år, jeg var en studerende i offentlig skole. Det næste fem, jeg var en kollege estuderende og det sidst femten, arbejdede for skolerne, enten som lærer eller skoleinspektor. Dog, dette år, skal begynde Texas offentlig skoler uden mig. Jeg tror jeg savner det mere end det savner det ”først dag i skole” var dele af mit liv til så lang. Hvad skal jeg gør når d. 25 august 2008 ankommer?! Nu er tiden at købe nye blyanter, farvefuld tuschpener, stor pakker af papir, og en ny kaffe krus fra Starbucks! Men i stedet for havde jeg min ejer ”først dag i skole” denne uge.. min først dag i Lærdansk, den Sprogcenter i Herning.

I have not missed a ”first day of school” in Texas for the last 33 years. The first 13 years I was a student in public school. The next five, I was a college student and the last fifteen I worked for the schools, either as a teacher or a principal. However, this year, Texas public schools will begin without me. I believe I miss it more than it misses me…LOL…but the “first day of school” was part of my life for so long. What will I do when August 25 arrives?! Now is the time I should be buying new pencils, colored markers, big packages of paper and a new coffee mug from Starbucks! But instead I had my own version of a “first day of school” this week…my first day at Lærdansk, the Danish Language School in Herning.

Jeg havde min flot sort COACH rygsæk (hvad ALLE model studerender har brug for!LOL) .... I had my nice black COACH backpack (What ALL fashionable students need! LOL)

Jeg havde min papir og kuglepen (min gammel favorit RSVP kuglepen fra Amerika og min ny favorite Alm. Brand pen fra banken Mads hvor arbejder ...Lori, kan du tror jeg fandt en NY FAVORIT KUGLEPEN??!!) I had my paper and my pens (my own favorite RSVP pen from America and my new favorite Alm. Brand pen from the bank where Mads works…. Lori, can you believe I found a NEW FAVORITE PEN??!!)

Jeg havde min grammatik bibel og ”Kellis Dansk HåndBog” bog jeg lavede før jeg flyttede ... I had my grammar bible and ”Kelli´s Danish Handbook” I made before I moved

Jeg havde min madpakke med JIF og æbler, selvfølgelig … I had my sack lunch with JIF and apples, of course!

og jeg havde min gammel Starbucks krus, fuld med sort kaffe … and I had my old Starbucks mug, filled with hot black coffee

Men det lige var ikke sammen—Måske det er fordi jeg savner min Lowery familie meget?! Måske det er fordi jeg kender Texas skoler skal være OK uden mig?! Måske det er fordi denne er Jess´ SIDST først dag i høj skole og jeg er ved af det?! Eller måske det er fordi min lærer talte kun dansk? Jeg tror det er en små stykke af dem alle.
But it was just not the same—Maybe it is because I miss my Lowery family so much?! Maybe it is because I know Texas schools will be OK without me?! Maybe it is because this is Jess´ LAST first day in high school and I am sad?! Or maybe it is because my teacher only talked in Danish?! I think it is a little bit of all of these.


Unknown said...

Hang in there girl! Hate to say it but you are going to find a lot of things you are going to miss or will make you sad because you think you are missing them at home... but it does get better.
I'm always here if you need an expat/texan to talk to

N said...

I love R.S.V.P. pens and Starbucks' chai latte. Yummm...K got me the grammar book that you recommended so I hope I will use it soon.

Jakino...the Desert Rose said...

You crack me up teacher woman!!!

Love ya!
Miss ya 2!!!

DreaminginDanish said...

oh i totally remember that feeling i got when I first went to Århus Sprogcentret and realized that they were going to teach me Danish IN Danish. Not the most logical approach but I guess you gotta take what you can get ;)

Paula said...

wow, this post brings back memories. I remember getting very prepared for my first day too, and feeling a sense of anti-climax at the end of the session - with the teacher only speaking danish and students hardly introducing themselves to each other. but thats just first day. its gonna get much better and i find now that my lifelong friends in denmark came from that first class together.
by the way, i finally a proper indian tiffin carrier to pack my meals in for uni. i couldnt find any here and everyone packs food to school. its gonna be amusing to see the reactions!

Paddingtonbabe said...

Hi Kelli,

Been reading your blog and wanted to see if everyone experienced that same thing as me when I first moved to DK!

Don't worry about learning Danish! You're doing quite well considering how short a period you have just arrived in DK. It was a little irritating with the Danish teacher only speaking in Danish in the beginning but I found that the best way to learn (besides their accent in English sounds so funny, you would rather they speak Danish!).

Held og lykke! Min kaereste og mig rejser tit til Jylland, det ku' vaere at vi moedes en dag naar vi er paa besoeg?!

HOLMES said...

OMG, you like those RSVP pens? Those were all over the place because of you??? I never knew that!

Mom said...

I guarantee you will be missed by many in Texas Schools - you were the heartbeat of Lowery. Although they go on without you....they WILL NOT forget you. Jenny & Dave came by for a visit with Dad & I last night and she misses you and school hasn't even started. Know that the impact you have had on children & adults in the Texas School system will not be forgotten. Love ya!

journeyinfinite said...

Saw your mom and dad last night. They were both well, and were in good spirits. It was good to connect with them again and have some wonderful convos about life, family, and work!

You need to trust me when I say the Lowery family does, indeed, miss you very much; however, we are so happy for you and all your success as you settle in Daneland!

Paula said...

Ok, Im a little confused. Are you in Texas now, or back here in Denmark?
My cat will be joining me in a few weeks. I still havent met him. Apparently he plays all day with his siblings on the island.
As for Carlsberg, its a really popular beer over in Asia. Tiger, Tsingtao and Chang aside..

Anonymous said...

Today at convocation, they had all the Bell Ringer awards and they called out your name. We stood up and applauded for you, even though you weren't there and Nancy and I both had tears in our eyes. YOU ARE DEFINITELY MISSED!

Sarah said...

I just wanted to say I loved this post. I too had a love of RSVP pens. I had them in every color and still have some ;)...I love the idea of your Kelli grammar bible. The whole post made me smile and long for a first day of school. :)