Friday, August 8, 2008

En dag med pigerne ... A day with the girls

I dag, tog jeg toget til Odense, den trejde storste by i Danmark, som ligger på øen, Fyn. Jeg har ønskede at se Odense, hjem til Hans Christian Andersen, men i dag, jeg havde anden mening at rejse til Odense....fordi i dag var PIGERNES DAG!!
Today I took the train to Odense, the third largest city in Denmark, which is on the island, Fyn. I have wanted to see Odense, home to Hans Christian Andersen, but today, I had another reason to travel to Odense... because today was GIRLS´ DAY!

Nichole tog toget fra Lyngby og kom vest på...Jeg tog toget fra Herning óg drog øst på...og vi mødte i midten i Odense, hvor Marianne ventede på os. Marianne og Nichole har været veninde i mange år, men i dag var min først gang at møde Marianne personligt. Vi har kun snakket på blogger og email, men jeg vidste hun ville være en rigtig god veninde, ligesom Nichole er! Det var en vidunderlig dag!!
Nichole took the train from Lyngby and came west... I took the train from Herning and headed east.. and we met in the middle in Odense, where Marianne waited for us. Marianne and Nichole have been friends for many years, but today was my first time to meet Marianne in person. We have only talked on blogger and email, but I knew she would be a great friend, just like Nichole is! It was a wonderful day together!

Statue uden en tog station at velkomme dig til Odense ...
Statue outside the train station to welcome you to Odense

Selvfølgelig, vores brunch kommer med en "shot" af Gammel Dansk ...
Of course, our brunch comes with a shot of Gammel Dansk

Saint Canute´s Katedrel-- Jeg planlægger at besøge alle syv katedreler i Danmark--Odense er min anden. Min først var den Royal Katedrel i København hvor Mads spurgde mig at gifte ham. (Oh..og den kron prins er gifte der også!)

Odense Cathedral
I plan to visit all seven cathedrals in Denmark--Odense is my second. My first was the Royal Cathedral in Copenhagen where Mads asked me to marry him (oh..and the Crown Prince was also married there!)

Kroppen i Konge "Knud den Hellige" er i den Odense Katedrel. Han døde i 1086.
The body of King "Knud the Holy" is in the Odense Cathedral. He died in 1086.

Skilte af Hans Christian Andersen er over alt!
Signs of Hans Christian Andersen are everywhere!

Selv på trafik lys!
Even in the traffic lights!

Mariannes hus i Odense ... Marianne´s house in Odense

Hvor Marianne syer mange mange dejlig ting!!
Where Marianne sews many many precious things!!

Vi havde en RIGTIG GOD DAG! Jeg tror HC Andersen ville har haft en vidunderlig tid med os!
We had an AWESOME DAY! I believe HC Andersen would have had a wonderful time with us!


Ellen and Sharon said...

Looks like you girls had a great day! It's fun to see ya'll having a wonderful time. We just got home from seeing The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Part 2! What fun!
P.S. How are MoMo and your dad?

N said...

I've been to Odense but I never went inside the Cathedral. I also went on a Monday, which all the museums were closes so we ended up at Odense zoo:(

Nichole said...

I had such a fun day (despite the humidity) with you two and I was so glad to introduce you two face to face. :)
I look like I'm concentrating really hard on that shot! lol. Too bad it had to taste like lakrids. lol

MoMo 2.0 said...

Ellen and Sharon: thx for asking about my family.. Dad´s 5bypass surgery is Wednesday this week...730am at Baylor Heart in Plano... I have a great peace about this and know this is going to make him a new man!!

MoMo has had a rough last 2 the point that they had to put her on a ventilator on Wednesday because she has developed pneumonia. She will stay on this until the meds can get rid of the pneumonia. The good part of that is that she is not conscious so she does not realize mom is there and does not know about dad...that would be too much to tell her right now. So we are just praying that her lungs clear soon.... so she can start to fight this again.

Mom said...

Love the picture of you & Nicole on the statue. Hans never had two more beautiful women by his side....glad you had a wonderful day with the girls.

Marianne said...

I really enjoyed meeting you and spending time with both of you! Thank you for taking such a long train ride to get here!

I see now that I should have taken the Viggos oilcloth "table protector" off the table before someone took out their camera!

The pictures of you and Nichole turned out great! I'll send you the one of all 3 of us soon.