Thursday, August 7, 2008

En gave fra min mand ... A present from my husband

Mads cyklede hans cykel tilbage hjem i gar i regnen... med en stor overraskelse i hans hænder at fortælle mig "TILLYKKE med dit nyt job!!" Han er så sød.... jeg elsker friske blomster!

Mads rode his bike home yesterday in the rain... with a big surprise in his hands to tell me "CONGRATULATIONS about your new job!!!" He is so sweet.... I love fresh flowers!


Nichole said...

How sweet and how pretty!
Michael walks by not one but two flower shops twice a day, yet he never stops to pick up any.. shesh. ;)

I keep telling him my Polish boyfriends would just give them to him for free if he mentioned they were for me... but nothing yet.. LOL

NotQuiteDanish said...

Ahh that's very sweet and you deserved it :)

HOLMES said...

Gorgeous flowers. And another question. Do florists in Denmark put those homecoming ribbons all over flower arrangements like in America?

Anonymous said...

Finding a new job....$50,000 (I just made up a random amount)

Receiving flowers...$10

Watching your husband effortlessly ride his bike carrying congratulations flowers...priceless!

MoMo 2.0 said...

no homecoming ribbons here... lol
just very tasteful clear cellophane... it always looks too pretty to unwrap and put in a vase! Fresh flowers are a big thing here... I love having them all over the house!

N said...

Beautiful flowers:)

Rachel said...

That was very nice of Mads to congratulate you by bringing home flowers. The flowers are beautiful and Congrats again on a great opportunity! :-)