Thursday, August 7, 2008

En seneste samtale mellem Kelli og Mads ... A recent conversation between Kelli and Mads

Kelli: Fordi vores fest er i den baghave, jeg tror vi skulle lige sætte en stor spand udenfor fuld med øl og is, så enhver kan få en kold øl når de ønsker en.
Since our party is in the backyard, I think we should just put a big bucket outside filled with beer and ice, so everyone can get a cold beer when they want one!

Mads: Rigtig god idé! Great idea!

Kelli: Ok, jeg skal købe en spand i centrum i morgen, og du kan hente to eller tre poser af is på den tur hjem. Ok, I will buy a bucket downtown tomorrow, and you can pick up two or three bags of ice on your way home.

Mads: Skat, vi kan ikke købe poser af is i Danmark ligesom du kan i Amerika. Honey, you cannot buy bags of ice in Denmark like you do in America.

Kelli: HVAD?! WHAT?!

Mads: Skat, der er ikke poser af is i Danmark. Hvis vi ønsker is, vi må lave det.
Honey, there are not bags of ice in Denmark. If we want ice, we must make it.

Kelli: HVAD?! I en land omgive med vand, har du ikke is??? Jeg gætter jeg bedre lære hvor at lave is! HUH?! In a country surrounded by water, you have no ice??? I guess I better learn how to make ice!

Trin 1: Køber speciel is poser fra købmand.
Step 1: Buy special ice bags from the grocery store.

Trin 2: Fylde speciel is poser med vand.
Step 2: Fill special ice bags with water.

Trin 3: Sætte speciel is poser fuld med vand i fryseren (i kælderen).
Step 3: Put special is poser filled with water in the freezer (in the basement).

Trin 4: Efter mange timer, tage poser fra fryseren og splitte ad (og har 24 små stykke is).
Step 4: After many hours, take bags from the freezer and tear open (and get 24 little ice cubes).

Trin 5: Sætte is i et glæs og nyde IS FERSKEN TE! (og husk at sporge Jess at bringe min CRYSTAL LITE fersken te fra Amerika! LOL)
Step 5: Put ice in a glass and enjoy ICE TEA! (and remember to ask Jess to bring my CRYSTAL LITE peach tea from America! LOL)

Trin 6: Skrev en forretning plan at åbne en IS FABRIK i Danmark og gør mange penge!
Step 6: Write a business plan to open an ICE FACTORY in Denmark and make lots of money!

Det forekommer mig at meget arbejde lige at have kold øl udenfor!
Seems like a lot of work to me, just to have cold beer outside!


Nichole said...

LOL. I love this post. Reading it I thought, dang, why didn't i think of doing a blog post about the ice cube bags after I discovered them. I love all your posts about the little things here.... I just have never thought to write them about that stuff and I think it is sooo cool reading it all from you!After we move back and I'm reading your blog it is going to be posts like these that make me sad that I'm gone.

HOLMES said...

Now this is just ridiculous. A "make your own ice" kit sounds like something they'd make one of those fake commercials for on Saturday Night Live.

On Little House on the Prairie they stored blocks of ice in sawdust. I think Almanzo used to haul ice sometimes, or maybe that was Willie. I digress. Of course, on Little House they put people in ice baths whenever they had scarlet fever, consumption, smallpox, polio, difficult pregnancies, hangnails... so they had to have ice, like, all the time.

I'm guessing they don't sell Sno-Cones there, either.

journeyinfinite said...

Is tap water good in Denmark? If so, maybe they figure no one would buy ice when they can make their own cheaply. Are the little ice cube bags inexpensive? Re-usable? Wow...I have lots of questions about this ice stratagem...

Anonymous said...

LOL perhaps this is something about America that I don't know. In my country we made our own ice too (with those plastic moulds/trays) so when I came here, I thought it's just perfectly normal to make your own ice LOL

N said...

That's ice bag. I wanted to bring ice tea powder to DK, but it's way too heavy.

MoMo 2.0 said...

Jenny... first of all, this "I only drink bottled water" girl now ONLY DRINKS FROM THE TAP in DK! My hair even loves the water here! (And of course, it is much better in Jutland than in Sjælland!LOL).

The bags come with 20 in each pkg and a pkg costs about 12DKK (which is about 2.50USD) so it is cheap per bag...however, when you compare that you can get a 5lb bag of ice from 7-11 in Dallas for about 3bucks, there is NO comparison! Plus, you have to factor the little thing called CONVENIENCE! LOL (and they are NOT reusable....because you rip them apart to get the ice out! )

and the states, some people use the ice trays too, but most homes have electric ice makers in their freezer that just make the ice for you constantly...but we still have the capability to run to the 7-11 and buy a huge bag of ice, ready made, to ice down that bucket of beer! :o)

PiNG aka Patti said...

I learned about the ice bags on one of my visits prior to moving here. I wanted ice cubes, Ole had none. So I made him take me to the grocery store to buy ice cube trays - the ONLY ones we could find were either the bags, or little tiny ice cubes in decorative shapes - the kind that are actually impossible to get out of the tray once they are frozen. Long story short, I bought two brand new ice cube trays from home prior to moving here - the good, strong, rubbermaid version!

Anonymous said...

OMG! I am picking myself off the floor from convulescent (sp?) shock! Someone get me some ice...(ha ha, bad joke).

No seriously, I SO can't believe that. No wonder they drink all those hot beverages over there. Ice is such a pain in the butt!

I think I understand now why my German friends started to get irritated when I put ice in all my drinks. They were thinking..."Great, that bitch is going to use up all my ice!"

I remember when Almonzo had Scarlet Fever. I loved seeing him naked in all that ice.

Rachel said...

lol I forgot all about these ice bags when I visited Mac, but I didn't know that it was bc they didnt sell ice in big bags in DK. I just thought it was something Mac did bc he didn't use ice that much... I took a picture of his special ice bag in the freezer, too.

Then, Mac actually gave me one to bring home to show my family. Thanks for this fun post to read. :-)

The slogan on the bottom of the bag w/ the polar bear, "Ice N' Easy," is funny considering it really isn't the easiest way... if only the Danes knew how "Ice N' Easy" it could be. :-)

MoMo 2.0 said...

Ping is right...the only ice trays you can find are these cute things like hearts and stars and they DO NOT come out very easily!

One good thing for all you soda order a coke from a place like McD, and you BARELY get any get ALL COKE! Novel idea, huh?? Since in the US, we get more ice than drink!

NotQuiteDanish said...

I never knew that - see you learn something new about DK everyday but then we've not organised an outside party yet. Obviously like the US, In Oz we just go to the nearest service station and buy big bags for big gatherings - although we use the trays in the freezer for every day use. Seems like an awful lot of work taking out each ice cube from the bag after it is frozen and only one step away from watching grass grow :)

Mom said...

I think I will add "ice trays" to my list of things to bring to you in October when we visit - they should be pretty light weight. I do think an ice business would be a money maker - Steve....are you listening?

Unknown said...

I was not aware of this horrible fact. Since I came in winter, I haven't needed to buy big bags of ice, but ice season is here. Oh no!