Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Kun i Danmark ... Only in Denmark

Bor i Danmark hjælper mig at værdsætte vis ting; ting jeg aldrig så før og ting jeg aldrig kendte jeg skal opleve i fremtiden! Hver dag, lære jeg noget og så noget ny!! Jeg ALTID har vores kamera med mig--hvor går jeg Albert, hvor kører vi til fitnesscentret, og hvor cykler jeg til købmand. Du aldrig kender hvor du skal være noget du MÅ TAGE et billede af så du kan vise det til din familie og venner i Amerika!

Living in Denmark helps me to appreciate certain things; things I never saw before and things I never knew I would experience in the future! Everyday, I learn something and see something new! I ALWAYS have our camera with me--when I walk Albert, when we drive to the gym, and when I bike to the grocery store. You never know when you will see something you MUST TAKE a photo of so you can show it to your family and friends in America!

Et postbud som cykler en cykel at aflevere posten ...
A mailman who rides his bike to deliver the mail

En hjem is mand som kører en MERCEDES ...
An ice cream man who drives a MERCEDES

En mand som vander hans FORSIDE have i undertøj ...
A man who waters his FRONT yard in underclothes

Vi har billeter til to fodbold kamper--FC Midtjylland (Mads´ favorit hold) på søndag og Danmark vs. Spain (den 2008 EURO CUP CHAMPS) på to uger i København med Nichole og Michael--Kan I tro denne DALLAS MAVS PIGE går til en kamp UDENFOR...egentlig TO KAMPER UDENFOR!! Nu må købe jeg nye fodbold hold skjorter! Jeg håber der som flot som mine MAVS skjorter! ...
We have tickets to two soccer games--FC Midtjylland (Mads´ fave team) on Sunday and Denmark vs. Spain (the 2008 EURO CUP CHAMPS) in 2 weeks in Copenhagen with Nichole and Michael--Can y´all believe this DALLAS MAVS GIRL is going to a game OUTDOORS....actually TWO GAMES OUTDOORS!! Now I have to buy new soccer team shirts! I hope they are as cute as my MAVS shirts!


Nichole said...

I can't believe you posted the niehgbor in his underwear!! LOL. That is hilarious. My fave is the biking mailman. seems like a fun way to deliver mail!

See you soon for the soccer game!! whoo hoo

MoMo 2.0 said...

I figure that after I posted the hooker in Amsterdam, this is the PG version!

journeyinfinite said...

I love these cultural tidbits!

Have fun at the soccer game!

PS -- say what you will about Speedo lawn guy -- but his cavalier attitude is pretty sassy :-D

N said...

Have fun!

Marianne said...

It is so interesting to see your own country through the eyes of a foreigner! The mailman on a bike seems so ordinary to me.

My nephew from Holstebro also loves FC Midtjylland so he'll be jealous to hear that you're going to the game. (I see that they're playing Odense!)
I hope you have fun at the Danmark-Spanien game with Nichole and Michael!

HOLMES said...

If only my Eric Clapton-lookalike neighbor would do yardwork in his drawers. That would RULE.

What really amazes me about these pictures is how clean-looking everything is. Kind of like Disney-World. Clean as in "tidy", not clean as in "PG". Although, if that underwear guy's "hose" had been visible, maybe not so much.

As for the ice cream truck... this brings up a question. You know how some American brands of food (Haägen-Dazs comes to mind) are 100% American but the company gives them an "exotic" name to make it sound foreign... are there any Danish brands that purposely sound American, in an effort to evoke some kind of American sentimentality?

Do you get junk mail to the same degree we do here? The mail for our subdivision wouldn't fit on a bike, just because of all the catalogs and credit card offers.

love you!

MoMo 2.0 said...

Junk mail.. ABSOLUTELY not! We only get mail that is REAL!! The only JUNK I get is that crap that the US Postal system is still forwarding to my new card apps, Nordstrom ads (although calling that junk seems blasphemous!)

and other than the graffiti, it is actually clean. I commented about that to my mother in law weeks ago!

The only things they "americanize" is stuff like marinade that they label "Texas BBQ flavored"! LOL