Friday, September 26, 2008

Ankomst i Chicago ... Arrival in Chicago

Vi er her! Ved 19.00, var vi begge i "den vindig by". Mig, med mine 2 næsten tomme kufferterne (fordi jeg skal købe mange ting for at bringe tilbage til danmark!!) og Jess, med sin en kuffert, som fuld med ting jeg købte fra og sendte til sit hus!

We are here! By 7pm, we were both in "the windy city". Me, with my two, almost empty suitcases (because I will buy many things to bring back to Denmark!) and Jess, with her one suitcase, which was filled with things I had ordered from and shipped to her house!

Mom: Husker du at bringe alting jeg købte fra
Did you remember to bring everything I bought from

Jess: JA, faktisk, min kuffert kostede $25 ekstra fordi det var 2 kg. over
fordi af alle dine ting, "Fru Gafler og Knive"!!
YES, in fact, my bag cost $25 ekstra because it was 4 pounds over becuauseof
all your stuff, "Miss Forks and Knives!"

Mom: Men, jeg kun købte fem ting...
But I only bought five things...

Den ny "Greys anatomy" DVDs, tre vinter tøj til Albert, og.... 12 sæt nye gafler, knive, skeer... hvilken er måske, en LIDT tung! LOL

The new "Greys anatomy" DVDs, three sweaters for Albert, and...12 place settings of new silverware....which is maybe, a LITTLE heavy! LOL

Jess: Jeg er meget sulten!
I am so hungry!

Mom: Mig, også! Lad os går, og finder en plads at spise!
Me, too! Let's walk, and find a place to eat!

Vi ankom på en lille cafe omkring krogen fra vores hotel og bestemmede at sidde udenfor fordi aftens vejr var meget dejligt.
We arrived at a little cafe around the corner from our hotel and decided to sit outside because the evening's weather was perfect.

Jess: Kigge, mor! Det har smørrebrød her!
Look mom! They have smørrebrød here!

Jeg grinede da jeg så "åben sandwich" på menukorten! Det skal være en rigtigt godt weekend!
I laughed when I saw "open faced sandwiches" on the menu! It's going to be a great weekend!


NotQuiteDanish said...

Crikey, I'm starting to get exhausted just reading about all these trips :) Are you speaking Danish in Chicago shops? I've done that (in other countries) and you really do look like an idiot then... :(

Unknown said...

Can't wait to hear about everything... Did you get a good deal on your ticket? Man I want to go back to Chicago!

Kevin said...

Don't forget to go to Jason's Deli at the corner of Roosevelt and Canal! (1258 S. Canal St.)

Emily will buy your lunch!!!

N said...

I love Grey's Anatomy! The new season just started!

Did you daughter changed hair colour? She looks so beautiful.

Mom said...

Looks like fun - isn't it a little dangerous to be on the streets of Chicago at sunrise? Your mother is worried about you!! Have fun and BE CAREFUL.

journeyinfinite said...

Husker Du means do you a child I had a friend who had a memory game with that name!

Albert in simply must be posted...please!

HOLMES said...

Jess looks WONDERFUL.

What the hell is on that sandwich? Mangoes?

Anonymous said...

I think Jess looks like you in that picture...something about the way she's posed and the way her jaw looks or something.

I wish I could buy Tequila dog sweaters, but she already has two and as it is, she rarely gets to wear them because it is too hot here.

Kelly said...

YUM! I had one of those sandwiches when I went to visit Tressa at Western Illinois.

Sounds like you're off to a great start to your weekend!!