Thursday, September 11, 2008

Få Suppe? Got Soup?

Spørgsmål #1: Hvor mange madopskrifter i amerika har brug for "creme af kylling suppe"? Eller "creme af champignon suppe" eller "creme af selleri suppe"? Faktisk, du kan ikke lave madopskriften rettig uden suppen?!
Svar #1: Næsten alle dem.... (eller det virker sådan alting jeg laver hvilken er ikke Cajun har brug for en af disse supper!)

Question #1: How many recipes in America call for "cream of chicken soup"? Or "cream of mushroom soup" or "cream of celery soup"? And in fact, you can not make the recipe correctly without the soup?!
Answer #1: Almost all of them....(or so it seems that everything I make which isn´t Cajun needs one of these soups!)

Spørgsmål #2: Hvor i danmark kan du købe "creme af kylling", "creme af champignon", "creme af selleri" eller "creme af kartoffel" supper?
Svar #2: i amerika!! :o)

Question #2: Where in Denmark can you buy cream of chicken, cream of mushroom, cream of celery or cream of potato soups?
Answer #2: In America!! :o)

Tid at blive kreativ! Tid at google/søge!
Time to get creative! Time to google!

Jeg er nu den stolt ejer med HJEMMELAVET "creme af kylling, selleri, champignon og kartoffel supper" og er klar at lave alting i Kelli Nørgaards personlig opskriftbog! Plus, jeg har ekstra i fryseren at bruge i fremtiden! (Det formode jeg er en god ting jeg har ikke fuldtid job endnu, så jeg kan har tid at være så "huslig", rigtig?! Mor, er du stolt, eller hvad? LOL)

I am now the proud owner of HOMEMADE "cream of chicken, celery, mushroom and potato soups" and I am ready to make everything in Kelli Nørgaard´s personal cookbook! Plus, I have extra in the freezer to use in the future! (I suppose it is a good thing I don´t have a fulltime job, so I can have time to be so "domestic", right?! Mom, are you proud, or what? LOL)


Nichole said...

Very domestic of you! I bet it even tastes 100 times better than the canned stuff as well.

Anonymous said...

I think you can find ready made soup (KNORR) in supermarket, but then again nothing beats home made soup. I made my own chicken cream soup too

krysinchina said...

most impressive :-) i remember my days in china when i had to search for or make all kinds of substitutes to get home cooking. oftentimes they turned out even better over there. i don't know if it was the freshness rather than the can or if i was just really craving something.
btw, my house smells SO good today because i'm cooking mo's last gumbo. i took the roux from her fridge... wish i could bottle that smell up and keep it forever. love ya!

Unknown said...

Very cool that you can make it on your own but I am SURE you can find it in Denmark... we have it here in Norway & Sweden ... so I am SURE you will be able to find it... Do y'all have Smart Clubs?

Have you been to Recipezarr? AWESOME recipes...telling you how to make almost anything ...PF CHANGS...etc... Yum

MoMo 2.0 said...

nope, no Smart Clubs in Denmark that we know of?? At least not in Jutland... but my friend in Lyngby has told me that the SuperBest in Hellerup has a new "american section" with poptarts, JIF PEANUT BUTTER and condensed soups! We were hoping all Super Bests were getting that concept, but nope.. just that one!!

But I think my homemade stuff tastes better, and lord knows, it is healthier! LOL

Paula said...

you should post the recipe of the soups!

N said...

I love all creamy soup.

HOLMES said...

You should try churning your own butter next. That would be awesome.

Anonymous said...

Wow...what an impressive endeavor! Now I know what to send in my next care package!

Mom said...

My daughter is becoming down right domestic! You have always been an excellent cook...but home cream of celery....I am impressed!

NotQuiteDanish said...

Did you ever see the movie Baby Boom with Diane Keaton? I think you should, if you haven't - but take the baby out of the message :)

Unknown said...

Great idea! I have been struggling with this very same thing!