Monday, September 22, 2008

Mad fra Hjem ... Food from home

I dag lærte jeg noget ny i sprogskole, men det var ikke om dansk. Når en kammerat så min middag (af æbler og JIF, selvfølgelig), kom han over til mig og skrev noget på min mappe. Han fortalte mig at kigge op den URL han har gav til mig fordi det skal lave mig meget lykkelig!

Today I learned something new at the Danish school, but it was not about Danish. When a classmate saw my lunch (of apples and JIF, of course), he came over to me and wrote something on my notebook. He told me to look up the URL he gave me because it would make me very happy!

(Læs deres profil om deres historie/Read their profile about their story)

Du kan købe mad fra Amerika og England fra denne site og dengang, de aflever din ordre til Herning den først søndag om måneden. Gode nyheder, vel?!
You can buy food from America and England on this site and then they deliver your order to Herning the first Sunday of each month. Good news, huh?!

Nu, de dårlige nyheder--kigge på priser! Hvor desperat skal jeg være at betale 99DKK for 510g af JIF?! Eller 33DKK for en "graham cracker pie crust"(som jeg faktisk har brugt for få uger siden!)? Enhver kvinde har hendes pris... LOL

Now, the bad news--look at the prices! How desperate will I be to pay $20 for 16oz of JIF? Or $6.50 for a graham cracker pie crust (which I really needed a few weeks ago!)? Every woman has her prices... LOL


Nichole said...

that is the company that supplies the food to the us/british section at the superbest. :) I didn't realize they had a website or i would have sent it to you long ago! :)

Nichole said...

And i did pay the 33dkk for pie crust and even more for that canned pumpkin ;) Guess i was long past desperation.

Unknown said...

Oh man.... I KNOW I would pay $20 for a box of Velveeta.... wonder if they deliver in Norway?

Sarah said...

Last year I visited a store in Copenhagen that specialized and sold American food. Sadly in is closed, but the prices were crazy. I think a box of Betty Crocker brownie mix was around $15.00.

Martin told me about that website as well. Too bad it costs so much, but I guess if you are feeling really homesick it is an option.

P.S mmhmm I'm currently enjoy some JIF as well with some home grown apples ;)

HOLMES said...

I think we could purchase and ship you 32 ounces of Jif for less than $20....

Ellen and Sharon said...

Keep having visitors from the USA so they can bring you staples for your pantry!! Sometimes it is worth paying a bit more just to have "comfort food" when you need it most.

Stephen J McGinnis said...

Hey but if your stuck and need someitng i guess you can get it right... but only the first of the month would be a little annoying... just ask me i will over night something to you.. lol