Monday, September 15, 2008

Ærlighed varer længst ... Honesty is the best policy

Over det hele Nordjylland kan købe du friske ægge, blomster, frugter og grønsagter fra en vogn foran en landmands hus hen ad vejen. Undtagen du ALDRIG ser landmanden, fordi her, i Danmark, i 2008, landmænd og deres kunder tror stadig "ærlighed varer længst." Hver vøgn har en lille kasse hvor du betaler for hvad du tager. I går, stoppede vi at købe æbler fra en landmands vogn og 4 ting forbavsede mig:

1. Hvor mange vogne vi så hen ad vejene Nordjylland.
2. Hvor mange mennesker stopper at få frugter og grøntsager og FAKTISK betaler! (Husk, jeg kommer fra Amerika!!!)
3. Hvor godt priserne er sammenligne med købmand!
4. Hvor lækre mine æbler var som vi købte!

All over North Jutland you can buy fresh eggs, flowers, fruits, and vegetables from a cart in front of a farmer´s house along the road. Except you NEVER see the farmer! Because here in Denmark, farmers and their customers still believe "honesty is the best policy!" Each cart has a little box where you pay for what you take. Yesterday we stopped to buy apples from a farmer´s cart and 4 things amazed me:

1. How many carts we saw along the roads in North Jutland.
2. How many people stop at get fruits and veggies and ACTUALLY pay! (Remember, I come from America!!!)
3. How good the prices are compared to the grocery store!
4. How delicious my apples that we bought are!

Vogne ligesom er over hele det! Carts like this are everywhere!

Lige penge, tak! Exact change, please!

"Ja, hun er en udlænding!" "Yes, she is a foreigner!"


Paula said...

its the cheapest organic food one can find in Denmark. i adore those roadside farmer stalls.

NotQuiteDanish said...

I've seen and bought from these. The whole concept is one of the things that is really and truly great about Denmark. I hope it doesn't change!

Nichole said...

I see these everywhere, but never have actually gotten anything.

Raúl said...

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Anonymous said...

Ooh too bad we don't have that here :( No farmers here :((

N said...

I don't think they have that in Zealand...that's too bad because I like farmer's produce.

Mom said...

We actually have those in Texas too! Today I went down the country road to Ms. Willis' produce market (side of the road) and she was out - sign on the counter - 'take what you need and leave the money.' I did that and wrote her a check and attached it to a clothes pin.....You Danes don't have anything on us Texans. Kelli you should have gotten out of the big city more often. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could start your own stand Kelli! You could hoist a Texas flag and sell all your great "cream of" etc. soups!

Rachel said...

You might not believe me, but there are carts like this in America... well, in New Jersey.... ok, more specific as in South Jersey. Maybe that's because New Jersey is the Garden State. But the eggs were surprising to see and I like the Danish flag flying on the cart.