Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bliver mere hyggelig ... Becoming more cozy

Vi har haft altid en tom væg i vores dagligstue fordi Mads venter om dagen han kan købe en plasma fjernsyn at hænge på væggen. Måske en dag i fremtiden, vil Mads modtage hans ønske, men lige nu, vi bestemmede det var tid at dekorere vores tom væg, fordi det er svært at have en hyggelig dagligstue med en tom væg!

We have always had an empty wall in our living room because Mads is waiting for the day when he can buy a plasma tv to hang on the wall. Maybe someday in the future, he will get his wish, but right now, we decided it was time to decorate vores empty wall because it is difficult to have a cozy living room with an empty wall!

Vi har bestemt at bruge billeder vi har taget på forskellige ting i steder vi har besøgt sammen. Vi printede ud billederne på sorte og hvide og indrammede dem. Og vi synes de blev RIGTIGT GODT!!
We had decided to use photos we have taken of different things in places we have visited together. We printed them out in black and white and framed them. And we think they turned out GREAT!

Fra vores tur til/ From our trip to
Køln Tyskland/Cologne Germany, August 2008

Fra vores tur til/ From our trip to New York City, December 2007

Fra vores tur til/ From our trip to
Amsterdam, Holland, July 2008

Fra vores tur til/ From our trip to
New Orleans, Louisiana, March 2008

Min danske altmuligmand og vores hyggelig dagligstue...
...My Danish handyman and our cozy living room


N said...

Your photos are so beautiful! How did you print them in black and white?

MoMo 2.0 said...

thanks BlueFish!
I used an online printer that sends them to you... in America, it was at Walgreens.com....here I used foto.com/dk... it is about 20cents a print for that large size! TOTALLY cheap for a whole wall of great things!

Paula said...

Its a fantastic idea!

Nichole said...

Those look amazing! And when you look at them you can always be reminded of some of the great places the two of you have explored together!

Mom said...

Dad & I are thinking about buying us a large flat screen TV for Christmas - I hope Mads doesn't have to wait as long as dad has for his TV..hee hee

NotQuiteDanish said...

I am anti television (i'm a grump) - and rooms that project the title, 'Welcome to my television' don't do much for me. NQDII thinks differently.

Before we left Melbourne, we had the world's oldest colour TV because I wouldn't relent on getting a new flat screen. And, it was kept in a close-able cupboard. Here, when buying stuff on arrival, i relented (temporary insanity) so that when NQDII arrived in CPH, there was a brand new, albeit small, flat screen.

What was I thinking??

Jennifer said...

Those are amazing! My creative s☺ster!!

Anonymous said...

Very hyggelig! Black and white photos are so atmospheric, n'est ce pas?

Unknown said...

Awesome pictures...I have been meaning to get mine printed off... The grouping looks great!

Kelly said...

Wow, you are very creative...you've got that design eye! Who was the photographer?