Sunday, October 26, 2008

En Gammel Mand? ... An Old Man?

Spørgsmål: Hvordan ved du hvis du er gammel?
Question: How do you know if you are old?

Svar: Du er gammel nok til at modtage "Social Security" fra regeringen! :o)Answer: You are old enough to receive Social Security from the government! :o)

I dag er min fars 62. fødselsdag! HURRA! HURRA! HURRA!
Today is my dad´s 62nd birthday! Hoorah! Hoorah! Hoorah!

I har læste om de mange ting min far har oplevet siden august 1., så I kender hvor speciel denne fødselsdag er. Min mor, min søster og jeg er meget taknemmelig at have andet år med ham. Under de sidste fire og halv måneder, siden jeg flyttede til Danmark, har min familie indset hvor vigtig hver minut i hverdagen er. Jeg har gået glip af mange ting med min familie siden jeg flyttede--hans hjerteanfald, hans 5bypass hjerte kirguri, hans genoptræning og nu, hans fødselsdag--alle ting som gør det svært at være 8000km væk.... Men om 26 dage, skifter alting! Fordi han og min mor kommer til danmark, og jeg har en mulighed at vise dem mit nyt hjem. Og jeg kan ikke vente!

You have all read about the many things my dad has experienced since August 1, so you know how special this birthday is. My mom, my sister, and I are so thankful to have another year with him. During the last four and a half months, since I moved to Denmark, my family has realized how important every minute of every day is. I have missed many things with my family since I moved--his heartattack, his 5bypass operation, his recovery and now, his birthday--all things that make it difficult to be 5000 miles away....But in 26 days, everything changes! Because he and my mom are coming to Denmark, and I have the chance to show them my new home. And I cannot wait!

At fejre hans 62. fødselsdag, lavede jeg en "billede tur" fra hans begyndelse med os!
To celebrate his 62nd birthday, I made a photo journey from his beginning with us.

den 19 januar 1974..bliver gift med min mor (og han fik mig, også!)

January 19, 1974...marries my mom (and gets me, too!)

1976--vores først familie billeder efter min søster, Jennifer var født.
1976--Our first family pictures after my sister, Jennifer was born.

Han var meget stolt af hans "TIGER" jeg købte han til jul 1979 med min egen penge og faktisk, han hangede det på væggen! Skilt af en god far!

He was very proud of his "TIGER" I bought him for Christmas 1979 with my own money, and in fact, he hung it on the wall! Sign of a good dad!

Han elskede mig med min "Dorothy Hamill" hårstil.....
He loved me with my Dorothy Hamill hairstyle....

og han elskede stadig mig med min "Farrah Fawcett" hårstil!
and he still loved me with my Farrah Fawcett hairstyle!
2 kvinder som elskede ham så meget... hans svigermor, MoMo, og hans mor, MeMe.
2 women who loved him dearly--his mother in law, MoMo, and his mom, MeMe.

2. juli 1991--han blev Papa Mike.
July 2, 1991--he became Papa Mike.

Min 2 yndlinge billede af ham og Jess...
My favorite 2 pics of him and Jess...

Han elsker.... hans børnebørn, Michael, Jess og Campbell, min mor, spllier golf og være med hans børn!
He loves.... his grandchildren, Michael, Jess og Campbell, my mom, playing golf, and being with his kids.

Tillykke med fødselsdagen fra Danmark, Far! Jeg savner dig så meget!
Happy Birthday from Denmark, Dad! I miss you so much!


Anonymous said...

My dad is 71, so your dad is definitely not en gammel mand! :D

journeyinfinite said...

Happy Birthday, Kelli's Dad!

Bluefish said...

Happy birthday to your father:)

Nichole said...

What a sweet tribute to what is obviously a great man. I know all of you are soooo excited for their upcoming visit. Perhaps you could throw him a belated birthday party Danish style complete with his very own kagemand! I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of them with you in your new home!

Nichole said...

BTW, you were so adorable when you were little. You smile is still exactly the same! :)

Jakino...the Desert Rose said...

Happy, happy for Kelli's daddy!!

Oh, and SOOOO happy to see I was not the only one with those same loverly hair-dos!! : )

Mom said...

What a wonderful tribute to the relationship you have with your dad! He is special and so are you!Just 24 more days and we will be heading across the ocean to see you- can't wait!

LadyFi said...

My dad is nearly 80 .. so that's getting on a bit. My mum was very young (60) when she had a big heart attack. Since then she has had a triple heart bypass - and this has given her a new lease of life!

So, hopefully, your dad too will be feeling the benefits of actually being able to breathe and walk without getting out of breath too quickly.