Friday, October 3, 2008

Historie af en Viking .... Story of a Viking

38 år siden er en Viking født. ---- 38 years ago a Viking was born.
Når vi læser bøger om Vikinger, --- When we read books about Vikings,
lærer vi at mest Vikinger var dårlige, ---- we learn that most Vikings were bad.
men ikke denne en. ---- but not this one.
Og mest Vikinger var egenkærlige, ---- And most Vikings were selfish,
men ikke denne en. ---- but not this one.
Og mest Vikinger var farlige--- And most Vikings were dangerous,
men ikke denne en! ---but not this one.
Og mest Vikinger var grimme, ---- And most Vikings were ugly,
men ABSOLUT ikke denne en. ---- but DEFINITELY not this one.

Faktisk, denne Viking er modsat af alting bøger fortæller os om Vikinger.
In fact, this Viking is the opposite of everything books tell us about Vikings.

Denne Viking er sød. --- This Viking is sweet.
Denne Viking er oprigtig. --- This Viking is genuine.
Denne Viking er venlig, --- This Viking is kind,
og sætter vores behov før hans egen. --- and puts our needs before his own.

38 år siden, Viking denne er født, --- 38 years ago this Viking was born,
720 dage siden han kom ind mit liv, --- 720 days ago he came into my life,
316 dage siden sagde han "Jeg gør", --- 316 days ago he said "I do",
og 110 dage siden, --- and 110 days ago,
lovede han til min mor og far --- he promised my mom and dad
at passe for mig i landet af Vikinger. --- to take care of me in Viking Country.
Og han havde --- And he has.

Så i dag, fejre jeg Mads´s 38. fødselsdag, men mere end det, jeg fejre hvor taknemmelig jeg er at hedde denne Viking min mand, og den elske af mit liv.

So today, I celebrate 38th birthday, but more than that, I celebrate how thankful I am to call this Viking my husband, and the love of my life.

Tillykke med fødselsdagen, min elskede!
Happy Birthday, my love!


Kelly said...

What a fantastic tribute!!!
Happy Birthday, Mads!!

American in Norway said...

Gratulerer med dagen Mads!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mads!

krysinchina said...

Ahh... Kelli, that is beautiful. Mads, even though we've not met yet, I consider you family, and I'm so glad to know that you can and do make my cousin genuinely happy. She deserves it. Happy 38th birthday!
Love from,
Krystal, Matthew and Collette

Mom said...

Hope you had a great day Mads! You are blessed to have such a special wife!

NotQuiteDanish said...

Gratulerer Mads! Det er min iday. Jeg skal ha en øl til dig.

Mads said...

Thank you so much everyone. I had a great birthday yesterday and an amazing wife that served me breakfast in bed and was really taking good care of me through out the hole day. The things that Kelli wrote on the Blog, she also gave me as a birthday letter and I read it out loud to my guests last night, while I was opening my presents ... Yes, I have all through an amazing, loving and very special wife, that made my birthday complete. I love you so much Kelli!

Kevin said...

He's a Libra?!?!! No WONDER he's so fabulous.

(Doug and I are Libra's, too ;-))

Anonymous said...

That is so very sweet!

Nichole said...


Rachel said...

Happy Bday Mads! I'm glad you had such a special day with your family & friends! :-)