Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Korte dage.... Short days

Tiden skiftede i lørdags. Vi "faldt tilbage" en time.... som om jeg har gjort for mange år, men, denne tid er forskellig, fordi denne tid, skiftede jeg mine klokker i Danmark. Denne mener vi har gået ind "DEN MØRKE DAGE AF DANMARK", når solskinnet står op mindre og mindre, og når mange mennesker oplever sæsonbestemt depression.

The time changed Saturday. We "fell back" one hour.... like I have done for many years, but this time is different because this time, I changed my clocks in Denmark. This means we have entered "THE DARK DAYS OF DENMARK", when the sun stays out less and less, and when many people experience Seasonal affective disorder.

I dag, kl. 16.00--solen går ned allerede....
Today at 4pm--the sun is already on its way down

Danskere går til arbejde i mørket og kommer tilbage hjem i mørket. Men jeg er ikke bekymret....jeg er klar til min første vinter i Danmark! Jeg er bevæbnet med en stor forsynning af sterinlys, tretten flotte (og varme!!) frakker (Ja, tretten!), mere end tyve smukke halstørklæder (Jeg købte alle Old Navy havde fra sidste års vinter udsalg!) og jeg har en positiv holdning! Så bringe på mørket...jeg er klar...jeg synes!

The Danes go to work in the dark and come back home in the dark....But I am not worried...I am ready for my first winter in Denmark! I am armed with a large supply of candles, thirteen cute (og warm!!) coats (Yes, thirteen!), more than twenty adorable scarves (I bought all Old Navy had from last year´s winter sale!) and I have a positive attitude! So bring on the darkness... I am ready....I think!

Mads købte denne møbler at holde alle halstørklæder, handsker og hatte jeg bragte fra Texas, en sted hvor jeg fik aldrig en mulighed at have dem på! Vi har 3 kurve fyld med halstørklæder, 1 med hatte, 1 med handske og 1 med Alberts vintertøj!

Mads bought this piece of furniture to hold all the scarves, gloves and hats I brought from Texas, a place where I almost never got to wear them! We have 3 baskets full of scarves, 1 with hats, 1 with gloves and 1 with Albert´s sweaters!

Dog.... jeg er sikker ikke jeg er klar til sne! I eftermiddags, så jeg skrev denne, faldt NOGET fra himlen. Og Jyllands-Post (en Dansk avis) skrev denne overskrift-- "Vinteren rammer Danmark i morgen"... mere at komme... i morgen!
However.... I am not sure I am ready for snow! This afternoon, as I wrote this, SOMETHING fell from the sky. And Jyllands-Post (a Danish newspaper) wrote this headline--"Winter hits Denmark tomorrow" ... more to come... Tomorrow!


DreaminginDanish said...

This is too soon! And no amount of gloves or coats or hats will help my little brain which hits the skids when it gets no sun. UGH! Time to break out the sun lamp :(

Unknown said...

At least you have a sunny attitude... I hate winters here... (they get much better after Christmas when the days start getting longer again...) Look at it this way, if you get a lot of snow it will APPEAR lighter... sigh...I'm not ready for this

N said...

Girl, that is not snow that is some snow flakes. I went through one Danish winter and I thought it was a joke (Montreal is way colder than Copenhangen).

Don't worry, you'll survive Danish winter!

Mom said...

I thought it didn't snow until January - someone has been fooling me - I will freeze my butt off in November when I travel to Denmark. Keep the scarves handy - I will need them!

Nichole said...

holy cow!!
It's sooo much colder over there!!

Kelly said...

Days of Darkness? Cold & SNOW?!!! I'm chilly just thinking about it...It was in the high 60s here today and we were all freezing our butts off!!
I love how you face everything as an adventure!

Anonymous said...

That looks like frost ... or just a few flakes... Yippee! Hope some of that comes over to us in Sweden. I love snow!

PiNG aka Patti said...

If the last 2 winters are any indication, you won't be seeing much snow. Oh the grass will be white each morning, but the frost soon goes away. I would much prefer snow to the normal cold, freezing rain! I think since arriving in Nov 2006 it has truly snowed only twice (if it doesn't stick it doesn't count!).

Anonymous said...

Everytime I watch Gilmore Girls, I wish I could wear cute hats and scarves like they do. You are so lucky to live somewhere you get to now.