Friday, October 31, 2008

Nøgle til varme kroppe Key to warm bodies

Jeg har fandt nøglen at blive varm i Jylland! Det er noget jeg kunne aldrig lidt før, (Måske det er fordi jeg kommer fra et sted hvor du er barfodet mest dage!) men nu, har jeg ændret min mening... OM STRØMPER!

I have found the key to staying warm in Jutland! It is something I have never liked before, (Perhaps that is because I come from a place where we are barefoot most days!) but now, I have changed my opinion... ABOUT SOCKS!

Jeg ejer MANGE par af "bukser strømper", men de ARBEJDE IKKE i mit nyt koldt land!
I have MANY pairs of "trouser socks", but they just DO NOT WORK in my new cold country!

Så jeg har begyndt at få par af LANGE, VARME og SJOVE strømper! Jeg synes at hvis jeg have på strømper til næste seks måneder, bør de at være SJOVE!!
So I have begun to collect pairs of LONG, WARM and FUN socks! I think that if I have to wear socks the next six months, they ought to be FUN!


Anonymous said...

Yep - socks are good if your feet are cold. We have underfloor heating, so I can still go barefoot. But in my office, it's cooler and then I have to wear... wait for it! ... slippers! (Still no socks though.)

Anonymous said...

I'm not really used to wearing socks, still difficult for me to pick up the habit.

Why? Because I used to live in a tropical place where the floors are made from ceramic tiles to give cold feeling on the feet due to the extreme heat and humidity. Now it's the other way around and I still like walking around barefooted