Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tidlig morgen samtale ... Early morning conversation

I morges, kl. 7.00 i Danmark og kl 00.00 i Texas, tændte jeg komputeren og så Jess "på Skype".

This morning, at 7am in Denmark, and midnight in Texas, I turned on the computer and saw Jess on Skype.

Mom: Er du der?
Jess: JA
Mom: Er ikke for sent at være op siden du har skole tidligt i morgen?
Jess: Ja, men vi var alle op, ser "I lovens navn".
Mom: Jeg hader dig!!
Jess, så hun ler: Vær ikke jalou fordi det var ikke "I lovens navn, SVU".
Mom: Ok, det er LIDT bedre... men hvis du vil for mig at elske dig igen, du kan købe "I lovens navn, SVU" på DVD for jule!
Jess: LOL, vi skal se!
Mom: Ok, ok... men jeg elsker dig alligevel!! :o)

Mom: Are you there?
Jess: Yeah
Mom: Isn´t it late for you to be up since you have school early in the morning?
Jess: Yeah, but we were all up, watching "Law and Order".
Mom: I hate you!!
Jess, as she laughs!: Do not be jealous because it was not SVU.
Mom: Ok, that is a LITTLE better... but if you want me to love you again, you can buy me "SVU" on DVD for Christmas!
Jess: LOL, we´ll see!
Mom: Ok, ok, but I love you anyway !! :o)


NotQuiteDanish said...

You know what I really miss? CSI Las Vegas and Heroes. I think they're on one of the pay for views but we don't have it.

Kelly said...

I have a hard time watching Law & Order SVU now after seeing Christopher Meloni's manhood on many different occassions on the series "Oz"!

N said...

Just download the series.

Sarah said...

I think that is so awesome that she can write in Danish too. Is she learning it as well?