Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tre ned, En at gå ... Three down, One to go

Skrivning eksamen.....færdig
Læsning eksamen....færdig
Lytning eksamen....færdig
I morgen...mundtlig eksamen

Jeg var ikke bekymret om skrivning eller læsning, men en lille bange for lytning. Men jeg "sprællede røv"!!! :o) Jeg tøvede aldrig...alting forbandt! Nu, hvis kun, den samme kan sker i morgen. Jeg er MEGET bekymret om den mundtlig eksamen. De kigger på 6 ting--4 er nem (grammatisk, kommunikativ strategi, ordforråd, og emne kendskab) , men den andre to (fonetisk og fluency)...UGH. Min TEXAS TWANG blander altid sig med min fonetisk og fluency! Men, måske jeg skal vågne op, lyder ligesom en dansker...for at mindst 3 timer!

Writing exam....done
Reading exam...done
Listening exam...done
Tomorrow...speaking exam

I was not worried about writing or reading, but a little nervous about listening. But I KICKED ASS! :o) I never hesitated...everything connected! Now, if only, the same can happen tomorrow. I am VERY worried about the speaking exam. They grade us on 6 things--4 are easy (grammar, communication strategies, vocabulary bank, and subject knowledge), but the other two (phonics and fluency)...UGH! My TEXAS TWANG always interferes with my phonics and fluency! But maybe tomorrow, I will wake up, sounding like a least for 3 hours!


Paula said...

You'll make it. I am very sure of it.

PiNG aka Patti said...

Woohoo! Do NOT worry about the speaking - you will be great - I am sure of it :)

Jakino...the Desert Rose said...

Best wishes girl. I am sure you will rock the oral just like all the other three sections!! All good thoughts!!

N said...

Don't worry...I have a Taiwanese accent therefore I can't speak English or French like other Canadians.

Good luck!

Mom said...

You'll do a great job like you always do! They should appreciate the special "touch" you have on the danish languaage. love ya!

Unknown said...

Crossing my fingers for you! Not easy to lose the TWANG... but as long as they understand you. you'll be cool.... let us know!