Friday, November 7, 2008

Bliver klar til vinter... Getting ready for winter

Det er tid til at gøre biler (og cykler) klar til vinterkørsel i Danmark. Jeg har aldrig gjort noget at gør min bil klar til vinter før, fordi jeg har boet i syd U.S.A. mit hele liv, men jeg lærer hvor vigtigt det er at gør bilen (og cykelen) klar til det danske vintervejr.

It is time to get the cars (and the bikes) ready for the winter roads in Denmark. I have never done something to make my car ready for winter before because I have lived my entire life in the southern US, but now, I am learning how important it is to make the car (and bike) ready for the Danish winter weather.

Mange tror, at du bør at skifte til vinterdæk, så snart efteråret begynder. Jeg synes det er fordi vinter kan komme hurtigt til "Viking land"! Så du må være klar! Den Hondas aftale at skifte til vinterdæk var denne uge. Vi alle har ting at gør at blive klar til vinter....jeg bringe ud mine halstørklæder og handsker; Albert have på vintertøj; mange varme tæpper ligger på sofaen; Og den Civic modtager nye dæk!

Many believe that you should change to your car´s winter tires as soon as fall begins. I think that is because winter has a way of arriving quickly in the land of Vikings and you must be ready! The Honda's appointment to change to winter tires was this week. We all have things to do to get ready for winter... I bring out all my scarves and gloves; Albert has on his winter sweaters; many warm blankets are now out on the sofa; and the Civic is getting new tires!

Albert: "Mor, er du sikker på vi fik nye dæk??? Disse ligner lige vores gamle dæk!"
Albert: "Mom, are you sure we got new tires??? These look just like the old ones!"

Men, vi har glemt noget... vores cykler! Bør vi gør cykler klar til vinter, eller skal vi sætte dem i kælden til april?! Nej... vi må gør dem klar fordi danskerne bliver ved at cykle i vinter... de er forbløffende mennesker!

But we have forgotten something... our bikes! Should we get the bikes ready for winter or should we just set them in the basement until April? No....we must get them ready because the Danes continue to cycle in the winter... they are amazing people!

Klik her at lære hvor at tjek hvis din cykel er klar til vinter i Danmark!
Click here to learn how to check if your bike is ready for winter in Denmark! (Sorry, my non-Danish speakers... but you can figure out alot from the photos, just in case you want to winterize your bikes!!)


Paula said...

Looks like we are both early risers!
I havent got our car/bikes ready for winter yet. Funnily, this is a new concept to me. Will ask Thomas when he gets home tonight.

N said...

Our van still doesn't have winter tires...winter tires are so expensive!

Anonymous said...

This is the first year we are using studless winter tyres - have gone over to mud and snow tyres (don't have studs that rip up the roads). They are not quite as good at breaking on icy roads, but seem to work anyway.

We don't cycle in the winter - but if you do, you really must use winter tyres on your bikes! Our neighbours don't and on several occasions, they have come back with cuts, bruises etc... (And they don't even wear helmets!) They are nuts with a death wish!

So good on you for winterizing both car and bikes!

Stephanie said...

Hello! I lived my whole life in New England and upstate New York, with storms with feet of snow and I (and anyone in my family) never used winter tires or had 4-wheel drive. All-weather tires work fine in the winter, especially in Denmark where it doesn't snow too much. Hope that helps!

Rachel said...

Of course, Albert would be checking the tires since he's an active driver in DK now. :-) I really think Albert should have his own blog lol

It's great to see how you're preparing for winter in Denmark. Even though it's so cold, it really doesn't snow as much as one would think? So we might not get to see a picture of your first snowman?

We know your house is full of Danish flags, but how many blankets do you have now? :-)