Saturday, November 22, 2008

Dag 1 i Danmark ... Day 1 in Denmark

Selv om de sov ikke under deres 9 timer fly, sne faldte fra himelen imens de fløj ind Billund Lufthavn, og 2/3 kufferter ankom ikke med dem....dag 1 i Danmark var rigtig god!
Although they could not sleep during the 9 hour flight, snow was falling from the sky as they flew into Billund Airport, and 2 of their 3 bags did not arrive with 1 in Denmark was great!

Albert var glad for at se Morfar Mike igen!
Albert was happy to see PaPa Mike again!

Mor og jeg smager de pina coladas før vores gæster ankommer!
Mom and I sample the pina coladas before our guests arrive!

Bordet er klar for 16 gæster! MEGET HYGGELIGT (og tæt!) med 20 mennesker i vores hus!
The table is ready for 16 guests! VERY COZY (and close!) with 20 people in our house!

Min mor og min svigermor møder.
My mom and my mom-in-law meet.

Min veninde, Monica og min svigermor, Taimi /
My friend, Monica and my mother in law, Taimi
Thomas (min svigerfar) og Finn (Monicas mand) /
Thomas (my father in law) and Finn (Monica's husband)
Min veninde, Marta, og mig /
My friend, Marta and me
Siden jeg manglede min fars fødselsdag i oktober, bestemmede jeg at vi vil fejre det i Danmark... med en kagemand og dansk fødselsdagsang!

Since I missed my dad's birthday in October, I decided we could celebrate it in Denmark...with a "kagemand--Danish birthday cake" and the Danish birthday song!


HOLMES said...

I love how there's a bottle of wine every foot or so on the table... just in case there's an alcohol emergency!

Mom and Dad look great! Did their luggage ever arrive?

Anonymous said...

Oh- what a cozy and crowded party you all had! Looks lovely with all the candles and happy smiles.

Enjoy your time with them!

Rachel said...

I'm so happy to see their visit with you is off to a great start! I hope you to continue enjoying time w. your parents. :-)

Nichole said...

The pictures look like everyone was enjoying themselves. I love the pics of your mom and Mads mom meeting. I'm sure that was a very special moment for you to witness.

United Studies said...

This makes me remember my first Thanksgiving away from home in Denmark. Very hyggelig!

Jennifer said...

I can't believe I missed that! Looks like lots of fun! You ARE the hostest with the mostest! The table looks great!

Anonymous said...

Very nice table.

But next time please remember to palce the knives according to proper table setting etiquette. ;-)
A blade pointed outward is a sign that you wish the person across from you harm!!

Proper Table Manners
3. The Place Setting: The first and only utensil was the dagger, that same threatening symbol of violence that you carried with you for defense! The prevention of violence was one of the principal aims of table manners. So there are some serious restrictions regarding knives at the table. The knife is never pointed at anyone.

A blade pointed outward is a sign that you wish the person across from you harm!! Richelieu was responsible for the rounding off of the points on table knife blades in 1669 France in order to prevent further dinnertime bloodshed.

The traditional place setting has the forks on the left side and knives (always turned inward facing the plate) and spoons on the right side. The silver is placed in order of use so that you can follow the rule “begin at the outside and work in” towards the plate! *

*You'll note (as J. Rankin of Portland, OR did!) that this table setting is European style since the salad is served after the main course. In America the salad fork would be between #2 and 3 above.

(The butter knife (#11), used only for spreading butter, should be already on your bread plate.

Dessert spoons/forks (#12) are usually brought in with the dessert, but often the dessert silver is placed above the dinner plate. The origin of the term dessert is from the French “desservie” meaning to de-serve or clear the table. Dessert was intended to clear the palate.

In Danish:
Vær omhyggelig med at alt bestik ligger med spidserne bort fra gæsten, samt at alle knivenes skær vender ind mod tallerkenens kant.

journeyinfinite said...

Viking birthday song! Awesome!!!

Great pics -- what a truly exciting time for all of you!

N said...

What a cozy dinner party:)

MoMo 2.0 said...

Today is officially the last day that I publish an anonymous comment on here, but the amount of audacity connected to this one made me hit that "publish" button ... I am sitting here... saying "SERIOUSLY?!"

Anonymous said...

Don't take is serious, it was meant as a joke.

But funny how many table setting "rules" there is.