Monday, November 3, 2008

Hvad Valg 2008 har undervist os... What Election 2008 has taught us

I morgen er det VALG DAG i Amerika. Jeg sendte ind mit valgkort for mange uger siden, som mange andre Amerikanere der bor væk fra vores hjemland, og på tirsdag, den 4. november, bliver alle valgstemmer talte. Valgpladser lukker kl. 19.00, men de forudsiger at kl. 19.00, mange mennesker stadig vil stå i kø for at vælge. HVOR SPÆNDENDE! Amerikanere har haft MEGET LAV valgdeltagelse de sidste 15 år, så HVORFOR stemmer de nu? Jeg tror det er fordi VALG 2008 har fået dem til at indse mange mange ting og de ØNSKER at have en stemme denne gang!

Tomorrow is ELECTION DAY in America. I sent in my ballot many weeks ago, as did many other Americans who live away from our homeland, and on Tuesday, November 4, all the votes will finally be counted. Polling places close at 7pm, but they predict that at 7, there will still be many people in line to vote. HOW EXCITING! Americans have had VERY LOW participation in elections the last 15 years, so WHY are they voting now? I believe it is because ELECTION 2008 has taught them many things and they WANT to have a voice this time!
Hvad Valg 2008 har undervist os--

What Election 2008 has taught us--

1. De modtager kampagnen som de laver. John McCain er ikke bedre end hans kampagne.
1. Candidates get the campaigns they create. John McCain is no better than his campaign.

2. Et dårligt valg til vicepræsident kan får dig til at tabe valget.
2. A bad VP pick can cost you the election.

(Jeg tænker hun siger "Jeg lover at jeg kun købe de mest dyr tøj jeg kan finde, så jeg er flot når Russerne ser mig i Alaska....."
I think she is saying, "I promise to only buy the most expensive clothes I can find, so I look cute when the Russians see me in Alaska....")

3. Amerikanske kvinder er ikke dumme. De støtter ikke kun en person fordi hun er en kvinde!
3. American women aren't suckers. They will not support a female candidate just because she's a woman.

4. Offentlig-betalte præsident kandidater er færdig! Hvem brugte mest offentlig penge til hans kampagne? (Undskyld mor... "F ord"
4. Public financing of presidential campaigns is over. Who used the most public funds to pay for his campaign? (sorry mom...the F word is

5. Shows ligesom "The Tonight Show" kan "dræbe" din kampagne.
5. Late-night comedy kills your campaign.

Amerikanere ønsker at tro på fremtided for vores land, og jeg tror tirsdag skal vise dette.....
Americans want to believe in the future of our country....and I think Tuesday will illustrate that....


Unknown said...

You go girl... I was actually in a 2 page article this weekend (on my facebook page...) Will be chomping on my nails until the results are in on Wed. morning... ;0

Paula said...

i can see where your political leanings are..

N said...

This is hilarious...did you hear that prank call us Canadians did on Sarah Palin? It's all over Youtube.

Anonymous said...

Very funny post! And as a concerned world citizen, I really hope the right party gets in... I agree with you wholeheartedly.

Mom said...

OK - you know i don't like the "F" word....but I'm not that fond of seeing the "V" word in print either. Guess I am a little old fashioned. You need to put a rating on your posts, so I will know which ones I can read.

HOLMES said...

Ok, your mom's post cracked me up.

I have loved every moment of this election because it has been a TRUE battle, something I've not really seen in my lifetime. I'm not counting the 2000 election because that was BS. It continues to stun and concern me that McCain picked someone so stupid and so IGNORANT about what the VP even does!

It also makes me realize that so many women fought so that women like me can vote today, and what a great disservice we'd be doing if we just picked the first dumbass with a twat that marched across the bridge to nowhere.

I'm SO looking forward to tomorrow!!!

David said...

Hilarious post! Can't wait for tonight and the results!