Sunday, November 9, 2008

Min yndling ting... My favorite thing

Hvad er "den yndling ting" af MEST kvinder?
What is "the favorite thing" of most women?

En indkøb dag? A shopping day?
Får en pedicure? Getting a pedicure?
Ser "pige-film"? Watching "chick flicks"?
Har en dag i spaen? Having a day at the spa?

Denne kvinde elsker alle disse...MEGET.... men de er ikke min YNDLING TING!
This woman loves all of these....ALOT...but they are not my FAVORITE THING!

Min yndling ting sker fra oktober til juni.
My favorite thing happens from October until June.

Min yndling ting er "international" fordi det inkluderer mennesker fra hele verden (såsom...Tyskland! LOL).
My favorite thing is "international" because it includes people from all over the world (such as ....Germany! LOL).

Min yndling ting sker i steder som American Airlines Center, Staples Center, og Madison Square Garden.
My favorite thing happens in places like the American Airlines Center, Staples Center and Madison Square Garden.

Og min yndling ting er noget speciel at Jess og jeg har delt med hinanden for en lang tid.
And my favorite thing is something special that Jess and I have shared with each other for a long time.

Og selv om jeg bor i landet af fodbold og håndbold nu, har min yndling ting ikke skiftet. Det er stadig DALLAS MAVERICKS BASKETBALL!
And although I live in the country of soccer and handball now, my favorite thing has not changed. It is still DALLAS MAVERICKS BASKETBALL!

Og siden Dallas spiller i dag på kl. 14.30, kan jeg se kampen på DK4 i vores dagligstue i Herning Denmark!
And since Dallas plays today at 2.30pm, I can watch the game on DK4 in our living room in the middle of Herning Denmark!

Med kun 120 minutter til "tip off", er det tid at have på min MAVS GEAR, at lave mit kamp-skilt, og at sætte et par Bud-Lite....VENT... jeg mener et par Carlsberg Lite...i køleskabet! Mere at komme....

With only 120 minutes until "tip off", it is time to get on my MAVS GEAR, to make my game sign, and to put a couple Bud-Lites......WAIT.... I mean Carlsberg the fridge! More to come....


Patricia said...

Hi Kelli, Thanks for writing on our blog, sure we'll help as much as we can - we've been there and know what it's like! We'll definitely write her and see what we can do!

Mom said...

Go Mavs.....see you in 10 days!

Rachel said...

It would be awesome if the Mavs ever followed you overseas for an international expo game... you've proved anything is possible! :-)

It's great that you and Jess are able to share so many great things w/ each other... the Mavs pix collage of you two is special.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! I'm so glad you got to watch the Mavs from Denmark That's awesome...