Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Speciel udlevering .. Special delivery

23 november, kl. 21.00
I søndags aften, kørte vi hjem fra København, men da vi ankom hjem mine forældre kufferter har ikke ankommet endnu... og vi var lidt bekymret!

November 23, 9pm
We drove home from Copenhagen Sunday night, but when we arrived home, mom and dad's luggage had not arrived yet.... and we were a little worried!

kl. 21.05
Telefone ringede. "Hej, jeg har 2 kufferter fra Billund Lufthavn. Er du hjemme på Haraldsgade? Jeg kommer om mindre end fem minutter."

The phone rang. "Hi, I have 2 suitcases from Billund Airport. Are you home on Haraldsgade? I will be there in less than five minutes."

kl. 21.06
Mennesker i hele Herning hørte et stort skrig af "ENDELIG" fra Haraldsgade.

People all over Herning heard a huge shout of "FINALLY" fom Haraldsgade.

kl. 21.30
MEGET VIGTIGE ting pakkede ud af mine forældres kufferter.

VERY IMPORTANT things are unpacked from my parents' suitcases.

Julegaver for Mads og mig / Christmas gifts for me and Mads

Mad fra Amerika / Groceries from America
og "andre ikke så vigtige ting".... såsom deres tøj :o)
and "other not as important things"...like their clothes :o)


Unknown said...

I am sooo JEALOUS! Velveeta & Crystal Light? When can I come for a visit?

N said...

Hehehe...I will bring Canadian groceries to Denmark too. Things we can't live without...

Anonymous said...

I guess they came over with lots of extra baggage! I don't know what all those strange-looking boxes are - but I guess they are Good - and maybe sweet too??

PiNG aka Patti said...

I have to laugh at the Ziploc bags! Each time I go to the US I come back with a few boxes of Ziploc freezer bags - sooo much better than the freezer bags available here!

Nichole said...

haha, i'm glad we know what the important stuff is. :)

Tara said...

Kettle Corn!!! I'll trade you some Chocolate Chips for a bag! :) Did you know that in Flensburg, on the border, they sometimes have Kettle Corn? Not as yummy, but we've all learned not to be picky right? :) My husband came back from the states yesterday with ALL our Christmas shopping done! :)

Unknown said...

Where's the TexJoy?!