Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Velbekommen .... Let's Eat

At være en del af to meget forskellige verdener er en normal ting for nogen som bor i forskellige lande end hvor hun har boet mest af sit liv. Du har en "verden" hvilket du har kaldt "hjem" mest af dit liv og du har anden "verden" hvor du bor nu, hvilket bliver "hjem" dag for dag. I aftes modtog jeg en gave..... hvor jeg så mine to verdener bliver en....og det var vidunderligt.
To be a part of two different worlds is normal for someone who lives in a different country than where she has lived most of her life. You have one "world" which you have called "home" most of your life, and you have another "world" where you live now, which is becoming "home" day by day. Last night I received a gift.... where I saw my two worlds become one... and it was wonderful.
Taimi åbner en "Texas gave" fra mine forældre...Taimi opens a "Texas gift" from my parents
Gaven var "Den Enkelt Stjerne klokke" lavet fra mesquite træ....det "officielle" træ af Texas.
The gift was a "Lone Star Clock" made from a mesquite tree...the "official" tree of Texas.
Albert har 2 yndlings pladser at sidde.... Enten Med Farmor eller Med Farfar!
Albert has 2 favorite places to sit....Either with Farmor or with Farfar!

Jeg begyndte engelsk undervisning med mine svigerforældre få måneder siden, for at hjælpe dem bliver dygtig til engelsk så de kan tale med Jess og mine forældre når de besøger mig. Jeg begyndte med substantiv ordkort hvilket hjalp dem at huske engelsk ord de har lært i skole mange år siden. Dog, de huskede så mange ord så hurtigt at jeg gav dem lidt sværere opgaver..... Min svigerfar skal skrive hans "arbejdshistorie" for at dele med min far fordi begge to har mange ting til fælles. Min svigermor skal skrive en menukort for at introducere mad på aftenen vi alle kommer til aftensmad. Som de arbejdede med deres opgaver, blev jeg mere og mere stolt af dem. Jeg var heldig fordi jeg var den eneste som vidste hvor godt deres engelsk er blevet.... til i aftes. Jeg lavede et par videoer af min svigermor som hun delte vores menukort før vi spiste aftensmad at hun har lavet til os. Jeg ønsker at min video kunne vise stoltheden på Mads's ansigt som hans mor talte til os på engelsk...det var et dejligt øjeblik i vores familie.

I began English lessons with my inlaws a few months ago in order to help them become better at English so that they can talk with Jess and my parents when they visit us. Jeg began with noun flash cards to help them recall the words they had learned many years ago in school. However, they remembered so many words so quickly that I gave them a more difficult task to try.. .My father in law should write his "career story" so he could share it with my dad as the 2 of them have a great deal in common. My mother in law should write a menu-card that she would share with everyone to introduce the meal on the night that we all came to their house for dinner. As they worked on their tasks, I became more and more proud of them. I was lucky because I was the only one that knew how great their English was becoming... until last night. I made a couple of videos of my mother in law as she shared our menu before we ate dinner that she had prepared for us. I wish my video could show the pride on Mads' face as his mom spoke English to was a precious moment in our family!


PiNG aka Patti said...

Yummy! Pork with mushrooms in cream sauce was one of the first dinners my mother-in-law served to me on a visit to Denmark and now it's one of my most requested dishes! I have tried to make it, but it's just not the same as when she makes it.

I am quite proud of your in-laws and quite proud of you for your fabulous teaching!

N said...

You must be proud of your in-laws! Great job!

Nichole said...

The videos are darling. Michael and I sat her watching and kept saying how cute she was. Since I got the honor of meeting them in person and know how little English they both spoke I am soooo incredibly proud of both of them and amazed that they are learning a new language to communicate with your daughter and parents. They obviously love you to the moon and back to do this.

HOLMES said...

OK, well, the videos made me burst into tears.

So proud of your mother-in-law.

tina said...

Your mother-in-law is so adorable ! You are a great teacher Kelli !

Skogkjerring said...

Hey! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! How lucky you are to be together on such a big American holiday and how special to be in Denmark! I love reading your blog with your parents there, it's making me very homesick for my own family.
Your mother in law is wonderful! How lucky you are to have such a great mother in law- I could never imagine my mother in law learning English for my parents. She just always had us translate for her.
Have meant to comment about Albert know I'm a dog lover and he's adorable. My mom has a bichon frise named Sam. Funny little dogs. I had a bichon havanais once named Jack...great dog but he couldn't compete with the big males I had so he peed on everything..ugh..we are looking for a little dog again who can be our mascot for these big lions we have...hahaha...
Have a great day my friend! I'm thankful we've "met"

Anonymous said...

Well done Mum in law! And she had to do it all in front of the video camera too!

Paula said...

That is so sweet.

Mom said...

This was a very special moment for me. Shelly, I also had tears in my eyes.