Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dansk Ordbog ... The Danish Dictionary

En samtale imellem Mads og Kelli / A conversation between Mads and Kelli

Skat, ved du at de har valgt 32 nye ord at tilføje til den danske ordbog?
Honey, did you know that they have chosen 32 new words to add to the Danish dictionary?

Nej?! Er det normalt for dem at tilføje nye ord hvert år?
No?! Is it a common thing for them to add new words every year?

Ja, sædvanligvis, vælger de ord fra det sidste år som har været i den danske nyheder eller ord om nye populær ting i dansk kultur og samfund.
Yes, usually, they choose words from the last year that have been in the Danish news or words about new popular things in Danish culture and society.

Nå, hvilke nye ord skal jeg skrive i min danske ordbog?
So which new words should I write in my Danish dictionary?

Et nyt ord er "poke" fra Facebook. Det mener "at sende en kort hilsen eller besked på den sociale onlinetjeneste Facebook".
One new word is "poke" from Facebook. It means "to send a short greeting on the social network Facebook."

Andet nyt ord er "leasingkarrusel" hvilket kommer fra Stein Baggers sagaen.
Another new word is "leasingkarrusel" which comes from the Stein Bagger saga.

Det kunne være interessant at læse grunden hvorfor de har valgt de 32 ord.
It could be interesting to read the reason why they have chosen the 32 words.

Ja, men der er et nyt ord at jeg tror du vil forstår grunden uden at læse noget! Et ord som vil gøre dig SÅ stolt at være en amerikansk!
Yeah, but there is one word that I think you will understand without reading something! A word that will make you so proud to be an American!

Faktisk? Hvilket ord er dette?
Really? Which word is that?

GUD!!!!!!!!!! Vil Sarah Palin NOGENSIDEN forsvinder fra mit liv i Danmark?!?!
LORD!!! Will Sarah Palin EVER disappear from my life in Denmark?!?!


Paula said...

Thanks for the card by the way! We just received it yesterday evening and its adorning my christmas-fied chest of drawers. The picture of the family is just precious!

N said...

Lol...that's funny. I don't think she will ever disappears.

Skogkjerring said...

Get outta here, Hockeymor???? hahahaha! I think I'm going to make my own dictionary if it's that easy!!! But hey, thanks for explaining what a Poke is on Facebook...you know in good ol' Texas a Poke could mean something totally different ;-) If ya know what I mean??? Hmmmmmm.....hehehehe...especially if you are a good ol' cowboy from the good ol' days...yeehaw!!!

BABS said...

Sadly, I don't think she is gone, she's a hockymor, and they are unstoppable ;)

Anonymous said...

LOL! I think that word has entered a lot of languages lately!

Kevin said...

Oh lord. I cannot believe that woman has even invaded life in Denmark! It was bad enough we had to endure her, here!

journeyinfinite said...

Ew, she makes me want to stab myself silly. I hate that she makes women in politics look so dingy.

And I really hate that she stays in the news! The media is obsessed with her duh-factor. She is like the Alaskan version of Britney Spears high on politics -- everyone just wants to see the spiral into the abyss...

BTW -- Ice Ice Baby -- Snow Day -- today here in TX!

HOLMES said...

You know they do that with Webster's too... add new words each year and phase out obsolete ones. I keep waiting for them to put "tampon trebuchet" in there but so far, nothing.

They are forecasting "freezing fog" for this afternoon up here in North Texas. What is freezing fog?

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised they didn't put the word "Maverick" in there on her behalf. I mean, if we are going to suffer new vocabulary in regards to her, we might as well be able to tie it to something related to Dirk at least (sigh).

Anonymous said...

"Dirk" is actually a word in the Danish dictonary :-)

Dirk in Danish means:
1) picklock - The thief used a picklock to pick the lock
2) skeleton key - The skeleton key could open all of the doors in the building