Wednesday, December 31, 2008

De små ting... The little things

Jeg elsker langsomme dage! I love slow days!

Langsomme dage når du ingen planer har undtagen at drikke mange kopper kaffe, at ikke have sminke på, og at nyde at blive hjem i pyjamas hele dagen! Når vi har travlt, glemmer vi at nyde de små ting, men vores husdyr har en speciel måde at minde os om at det er OK for at gøre tingerne langsomt sommetider! Hvem har brug for TV og film når du har Albert og Emmitt?!

Slow days when your only plans are to drink several cups of coffee, to avoid putting make-up on, and to enjoy being home in your pajamas all day long! When we are busy, we forget to enjoy the small things, but our pets have a way of reminding us that it is OK to go slow sometimes. Who needs TV and movies when you have Albert and Emmitt to entertain you?!


Anonymous said...

At least the cat isn't drinking water out of the toilet!

Have a lovely slow day!!

N said...

Gosh, I miss my cat:(

BABS said...

Yes, Emmit is the cutest!

That was really interesting watching how he was communicating with you.

I resolve to pay more loving attention to my pride of cats today (we have 7 in the barn).

And Albert! I can't look at him! He is as cute, and then some.

journeyinfinite said...

Emmitt is a great reminder about how sometimes its okay to just chill out and get a tummy rub!

That video is too cute!

Rachel said...

Emmitt is adorable with letting you know what he wants. And it's funny to see him drink from the sink like that... I guess he's comfortable in DK! I think I remember you postng about him doing that in your place in TX.

Slippers prefers her bowl w/ fresh water and ice... and she lets you know when she wants it freshened and w. ice by putting some of her toys by the bowl.

Albert is great w/ his relaxing sofa pose.

I hope you enjoyed your slow day. :-)

Alex said...

Emmitt is the cutest thing ever!