Sunday, December 14, 2008

Eftermiddag spil ... Afternoon games

En kasse Rummikub / A box with Rummikub
Mads og Kelli
Farmor og Farfar /
Grandmda and Grandpa Nørgaard
Rejer-chowder / Shrimp Chowder
danske Klejner og kaffe /
Danish klejner (Christmas pastry) and coffee
En hyggelig lørdag eftermiddag /
A cozy Saturday afternoon
(og 1 lykkelig Bichon!) / (and 1 happy Bichon!)


Mom said...

Wish I was there.....I would probably kick your butt in Rummicube. Well, maybe not! Looks like a fun day.

Skogkjerring said...

Thought that was the game I was thinking of, but it goes under a different name here in Norway, but kinda similar- don't ask what name, my mind is blank- but it sounds similar ;-)Really fun game, til the kids lost all the parts when they were little..might have to invest in that again if you all come up...
Looks like a great day!!!! Albert looks like he is enjoying all the attention!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, my family has always played Rummycub...but we call it Rummy Tile. Anyway, I used to play that game with my great grandmother and we'd keep our score throughout several rounds and then play for a penny a point!