Monday, December 22, 2008

Emmitts jul ... Emmitt´s Christmas

Det er svært at være en Nisse-Kat....
...It is hard to be a Christmas Cat!

5 dage siden/5 days ago

4 dage siden/4 days ago

3 dage siden/3 days ago

2 dage siden/2 days ago

I går /Yesterday

I aftes / Last night

I 10 minutter før jeg skrev denne blog /
Today...about 10 minutes before I posted this blog


Anonymous said...

Emmitt is cute!

Paula said...


Paula said...

I am inspired to take similar pics of Sally cat!

Mom said...

Wish I could take that many naps. Emmitt is one fat Christmas cat..give him a hug from Granny!

Nichole said...

What a life huh?

N said...

So cute...exactly like my cat at home!

Rachel said...

This post is great about Emmitt... it looks like he figured out a way to get you and your camera's attention.

He's a great Christmas model for all your decorations and Nichole's right about a great life he has in Denmark. :-)