Thursday, December 18, 2008

Forbindelser omkring verden .... Connections around the world

I dag sagde jeg farvel til en gruppe af mænd som jeg har arbejedet med den sidste måned. Selv om de arbejder hos DEIF CHINA, har de været i Skive Denmark siden tidlig november for at lære mere fra hovedkontoret af DEIF, og under deres tid i Skive, var jeg deres engelsk lærer. Alle af dem havde allerede et højt niveau af engelsk kenskab, men det var vigtigt at de forbedre deres niveau siden engelsk er verdenssproget for firmaet. Jeg har nydt hver timer at vi har arbejdet sammen.....ikke fordi af hvad jeg underviste til dem, men fordi af hvad de har undervist mig.

Today I said goodbye to a group of men that I have worked with the last month. Although they work for DEIF CHINA, they have been in Skive, Denmark since early November to learn more from the home office of DEIF, and during their time in Skive, I was their English teacher. Each of them already had a high level of English knowledge, but it was important that they improve their level since the company´s primary language of communication, world wide, is English. I have thoroughly enjoyed each hour that we worked together.... not because of what I taught them, but because of what they have taught me.

Ting som jeg har lært fra Jason, Bruce, Dennis og Rick, 4 mænd som kommer langt væk hjemmefra, i et koldt, vådt, og mørkt land:

What I have learned from Jason, Bruce, Dennis og Rick, 4 men who are a long way from home, in a cold, wet, and dark country:

Har en positiv indstilling gør en ny situation nemmere at takle.
Having a positive attitude makes a new situation easier to face.

Uanset hvor meget jeg ved, kan jeg altid forbedre mig.
No matter how much I already know, I can always improve myself.

Støtten af venner er meget vigtig når du kommer til et nyt sted.
The support of friends is so important when you come to a new place.

Det er o.k. at spørge mange spørgsmål ellers kender du ikke svarene!
It is o.k. to ask many questions or else you won´t know the answers!

Når du lærer noget ny, er det o.k. at sige hvis du ikke forstår eller hvis du har brug for hjælp.
When you are learning something new, it is o.k. to say that you do not understand or that you need help.

Selvfølgelig, er disse ting noget jeg allerede vidste, men jeg er taknemmelig for min tid med Jason, Rick, Dennis and Bruce fordi de mindede mig om hvad der er vigtigt. I dag er en perfekt dag for at minde mig om den vigtighed af en positive indstilling da jeg i dag for seks måneder siden, flyttede til mit nyt hjem i Herning Denmark. Tak til mine nye venner fra Shanghai....og I kan være sikker på at når Mads og jeg endelig rejser til Kina (siden "The Great Wall" er på toppen af vores lists at besøge), vil vi også besøge jer! Held og lykke i jeres fremtid!

Of course, these are things that I already knew, but I am thankful for my time with Jason, Rick, Dennis, and Bruce because they reminded me about what is important. Today is the perfect day for me to be reminded of the importance of a positive attitude since six months ago, today, I moved to my new home in Herning, Denmark. Thank you to my new friends from Shanghai....and you can be sure that when Mads and I finally travel to China (which we will since The Great Wall is on the top of both of our "places to visit" lists), we will visit you, as well! Good luck in your futures!


Mom said...

Sounds like you all learned (or relearned) some lessons of life - probably something your mom taught you..ha! Everyone you have met has become a part of your journey. Although we miss you, we also understand this is a wonderful time for you. Don't ever forget where you came from and how much the people here love you!

HOLMES said...

Ok, those are their real names?

And I love the picture!

Skogkjerring said...

Amen to all the things you learned from your new friends, one should never stop learning and re-learning! And HALLELUJA to your positive attitude my dear!!! Very important to have when you live in Europe as a foreigner. And CHINA??? Could you wait a few years (like til my kids are out of the house and Stig and I might come with y'all!!! I'd love to see the great wall!!)

Anonymous said...

These are lessons that we all need to remember.

Oh - I just love Chinese students!

United Studies said...

Awww....what a sweet group of guys!

Rachel said...

It's great to read about your positive experience and everything you're learning/appreciating besides the Danish language and lifestyle. Your blog is very interesting to follow!

When I visit Mac soon, it will be great to finally meet! :-)

Nichole said...

Its great your not only making Danish connections but connections from around the world. That is great. I can hardly believe it has been 6 months already. I remember when you still had 6 months to get here and you felt like it was forever....and just think, its been a year since that!

Anonymous said...

If only I could teach English to a bunch of international men. The one on the left is kinda hot...

Anonymous said...

Hi, Kelli! How about you these days? Thank you for your nice words to us and you are a great help to my English improvement. I will always remember your suggestion: relax with English. We will go back to China for traditional new year soon, but now we are not sure whether we will come to Denmark again after that! Anyway I hope we can meet each other in the no far future...maybe in China.