Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hver aften i december ...Every evening in December

Jeg har fundet ud af en anden
tradition i Danmark.... den JULEKALENDER. Ikke den Julekalender hvor du modtager en gave hver dag i 24 dage. Ikke den Julekalender hvor du tænder sterinlys hver aften i 24 aftener. Og ikke den Julekalender hvor du hører Julemusik på radioen i 24 dage. Denne Julekalender er unik....forskellig fra noget jeg har nogensiden set før! Hver dag i december op til juleaften sendes et afsnit på TV2 og som er især for voksne. Det er dansk komedi på højeste niveau! LOL. Jeg kan ikke forstår hele samtale, men jeg forstår nok for at kende de er så sjov! Hvis jeg kan ikke forstå samtalen, er det ok, fordi underteksten er på dansk så jeg kan læse (men jeg skal læse HURTIGT!) Grunden at Julekalender har dansk undertekst er for mennesker som bor på Sjælland og IKKE kan forstå JYSK , så måske de griner af Julekalender hvis de kan læse undertekst!

I have found out about another tradition in Denmark...the JULEKALENDER (Christmas calendar). Not the Christmas calender where you receive a gift every day for 24 days. Not the Christmas calendar where you light a candle every evening for 24 evenings. And not the Christmas calendar where you hear Christmas music on the radio for 24 days. This Christmas calender is unique....unlike anything I have ever seen before! (except maybe Mrs. Doubtfire!!) Each day in December, until Christmas eve, an episode is shown on TV2 (Danish tv channel) and is especially for adults. It is Danish comedy in its highest form! LOL. I cannot understand all the conversations on the show, but I understand enough to know it is so freaking funny! If I cannot understand the conversations, it is ok because the show has the Danish subtitles on it that I can read (but I must read FAST!!) The reason that Julekalender har Danish subtitles is for the people who live on Zealand (island where Copenhagen is) because they cannot CANNOT understand JYSK (The dialect of Danish that is spoken in Jutland), so maybe they can get a laugh from Julekalender if they can read the Danish subtitles!!

Sidste års Julekalender afsnit/
An episode fra last years Julekalender

Møde Oluf, en kartoffelavler og hans kone, Gertrud. Gertrud er en husmor som ELSKER Jul fordi hun kan pynte deres hus. Faktisk, pynter hun huset mere og mere og mere for hvert afsnit fra 1. december til 24. december.
Meet Oluf, a "potato maker" and his wife, Gertrud (looks like Vicky Lawrence on Mamas Family, don´t you think?!) Gertrud is a housewife who LOVES Christmas because she can decorate their house. In fact, she decorates the house more and more on each episode from December 1 through December 24.

Møde Hansi, Frits og Gynter. De er tre nisser, der rejser af sted for at finde nøglen til Gammel Nok. Jeg kan lidt især deres del af afsnit fordi de snakker på "dankelsk" (blandet dansk og engelsk). Kigge videoen at jeg lavede af dem i aftes og du vil se at det er så svært at være en Nisse mand!!

Meet Hansi, Frits and Gynter. They are three elves, who travel all over looking for the key to Gammel Nok. I especially like their part of the episode because it is in "Danglish"...(A mix of Danish and English). Watch the video I made last night and you will see that it is so hard to be a Nisse man!!


Skogkjerring said...

How funny! Do they have this in Denmark- in Danish????? Thought this was a Norwegian phenomen!!! We have exactly the same program here also. Have seen it many years before also, I use to joke that this was how I learned Norwegian...I spoke Julekalendar Norwegian...hahahaha!!! Very funny show...and the songs are so catchy!! (p.s. The group call themselves the Travelin Strawberries)

Nichole said...

We have been watching this too. So funny. We watched a couple different ones last year that were pretty good also. yay for "The Julekalender"

Anonymous said...

We have julkalender here in Sweden - but it is also for kids. It starts 1 Dec and ends 24 Dec - and is really funny and dramatic and exciting - for the whole family.

Anonymous said...

@ Amy

The original version of "The Julekalender" is the Danish version made by the Danish band/comedians "De Nattergale", first shown on Danish TV2 in 1991, and then again in 1994, 2001 og 2008.
The Norwegain group " The Travelling Strawberries" made a Norwegain version in 1994 based on the original Danis version.
In 1997 the Finnish "Trio Saletti" made a Finnish version.

Read about the plot etc. here:

The Julekalender was a Danish TV series that ran at Christmas 1991 (a Norwegian version was made in 1994, and a Finnish version appeared in 1997). It was written and performed almost entirely by a trio of Danish comedy musicians called De Nattergale with financial and technical assistance from TV2, a Danish television company. It was hugely successful at the time, causing many invented phrases from the series to enter popular culture (at least for a while) and was later released on VHS, and recently, DVD.

It had 24 episodes (one for each day of December until Christmas Eve), as has been typical of other TV "calendars" before and since The Julekalender.

Each of the three actors had two roles. one role was as a Nisse, a type of gnome or elf associated with Christmas in Danish tradition but not to be confused with Norse mythology. The other role is as a normal, if overly stereotyped, Dane.

Lisa said...

I needed the subtitles hahah!

HOLMES said...

Were you on acid when you typed this blog entry? God almighty!

United Studies said...

Thanks for the links! I will forward this to Peter so he can see them.

Anonymous said...

You can watch all 24 episodes of "The Julekalender" here:
A new epsiode is released every day.

Stephanie said...

I love this show! I just did a blog entry on it too... those elves are officially my best friends!

Anonymous said...

Yeah...those elves were kinda hot. I'd think I rather they were naughty, not Nisse ;p