Thursday, December 25, 2008

Økonomisk krise opløste ... Economic crisis solved

Jeg er lykkelig at meddele at USA har en plan for den økonomisk krise i Amerika. (Kan du opdage sarkasmen i mine ord?!) Jeg prøver altid at have en postiv tone på min blog, men som jeg skriver denne, overmander min frustration min positiv indstilling fordi den amerikanske plan at skaber indtægt er AT GØRE RESTEN AF VERDEN BETALE FOR REJSER TIL AMERIKA. ER DE FREAKING ALVORLIGE?! Læse her: $$$$$$ Jeg er SÅ VRED som jeg skriver denne. Jeg er stolt at være en amerikaner... men mit hjemland har krydset linjen denne gang.

I am happy to report that the USA has a plan to solve the American economic crisis. (Can you detect the sarcasm in my voice?!) I always try to maintain a positive tone on my blog, but as I right this, my frustration is overpowering my positive attitude because the American plan to generate revenue is to MAKE THE REST OF THE WORLD PAY TO VISIT AMERICA! ARE THEY FREAKING (I REALLY wanted to use another word here.....) SERIOUS?! Read here: $$$$$ I am SO ANGRY as I write this. I am so proud to be an American.....but this time, my homeland has crossed the line.

Bemærk hvilke sprog dette link kan være oversat til.....sprog fra lande som har ikke så mange økonomiske problemer som USA. Lande uden gigantisk gæld ligesom Amerika. Hjemmesider ikke for hele verden....kun for lande med penge... Sverige, Danmark, Italien, Spanien, Holland, Monaco, Norge, der kun 35 på listen. Hvor er alle lande?!? Den amerikanske regering har sagt at dette er en "strategi for at kæmpe imod teroisme"... BULLSHIT.

Notice which languages to which this link can be translated .....languages from countries which do not have the same economic problems as the US. Countries without gigantic debt like America. The homepage is not for the whole world....only for countries with money.....Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Monaco, Norway, China....there are only 35 countries on the list.
Where are the others?! The American government has said this is their new "strategy to fight terroism"....BULLSHIT.

Kigge hvad spørgsmål 3 på ansøgningen spørger:
"Har De nogensinde været eller er De på nuværende tidspunkt involveret i spionage eller sabotage eller i terrorisme: eller folkemord eller har De mellem 1933 og 1945 været involveret på nogen måde i forfølgelserne i forbindelse med nazi Tyskland eller dennes allierede?"

Ja, jeg er sikker på at alle teroister vil vælge "JA!!!!!!!" til dette spørgsmål. Hvilken UTROLIG strategi at kæmpe teroisme på!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Åh, har jeg fortalt dig hvor meget PROFIT "Homeland Security" vil modtage det første år fra de 270dkk hvert menneske fra disse 35 lande betaler for at besøge familie og venner i Amerika?!? 34,000,000,000 kroner!!!!!!!!!! For helvede.....give det til GM Motors...KRISE OPLØSTE.

Look what Question 3 on the application asks:
Have you ever been or are you now involved in espionage or sabotage; or in terrorist activities; or genocide; or between 1933 and 1945 were you involved , in any way, in persecutions associated with Nazi Germany or its allies?

Yeah, I am quite certain that all the terroists in the world will answer "YES" to this question! What an INCREDIBLE strategy to fight terroism!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, and have I told you how much PROFIT that Homeland Security will receive from the $25USD they will get the FIRST YEAR from every person that comes from these 35 countries to visit family and friends?! 34,000,000,000 kroner ...which is about 7,000,000,000 US dollars. Hell, give this profit to GM motors.... CRISIS SOLVED!!!!


Skogkjerring said...

I think I'll skip responding to this posting, not that I'm not glad you posted it but this is the holidays and I'd rather focus on that then the idiocracy of my beloved homeland...Let's just be grateful for where we are and who we are with, that's best!!! Hope you are having a great holiday so far, can't believe you danced around the tree and liked it??? I did that the first years I was here but thankfully I'm not married to a die hard Norwegian so we don't have to hold on to certain traditions- good for me since I'm not much of a dancer...

Anonymous said...

Oh dear - completely nutty!!!

MoMo 2.0 said...

Amy--I understand what you wrote, completely. I actually wrote this post on the 23rd as I sat reading the news that morning... but did not want to post it before Christmas as I wanted my blog to stay focused on the season.. so I delayed the post until the 26th when Christmas had "ended"....well the holiday, at least, as the spirit of Christmas never stops....

We have had a wonderful holiday season...our first in DK.... and have been so glad to have Jess here with us. We are off for one more "julefrokost" today... then taking Jess for a long walk in the forest to attempt to burn these calories we have consumed all week! Happy 26th everyone!

BABS said...

I love that you wrote this. You are not coming across as negative in any way. You are indignant, righteously indignant. It is important to speak out against idiocy wherever we find it. The so called fight against 'terrOr!sm' is a joke. If we must fight terror let us look to the way we terrorise others first, work with outselves before blaming others, we cannot really do anything about what others do, but we can surely change this world by changing ourselves, first.

As a girl growing up in the UK I was well used to the so called 'terrOr!sm' threat, due to the way the Irish were made into public enemy number one (I won't comment on whether I thought this fair). We were often being evacuated in London and other cities due to unattended bags etc. We did have bombs going off, people were killed.

These days a muslim with a beard walks into a place and it is highly likely that some will think 'terror'. In the old days all a person had to do was to be Irish before we judged them a threat to our safety. There will always be scapegoats. It is the cowards way out. And all very idiotic too.

There will be struggles and the only way through them is to keep our voices clear and tell our truth. This is as important at the end of a December as at the beginning of March or whenever. Truth and speaking up doesn't take a day off, LOL!

Your blog is always positive, always hopeful, whatever your subject matter and I just love the way you put things.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately this is not a new thing. I know a lot of people in my country who wanted to visit US for many reasons (got scholarship, visitng family) and got denied after paying 150 dollar each for visa fee. They didn't even say why they rejected the visa application. You just submitted the money and bam! they stamped your visa application form (rejected).

It's also why a lot of my friends don't want to visit US for holiday. It's simply too tiring with the visa process.

HOLMES said...

This won't be a popular comment, but I'll say it anyway: America is such a stupid, stupid country. Look at how the US reacted after 9-11: strip-searching elderly people in wheelchairs at airports, assuming we're all smuggling liquid hydrogen in our shampoo bottles, keeping us from packing tweezers in our carry-on luggage.

And this carries over into our educational system, which is 100% reactive and 0% proactive.

Our justice system is equally nonsensical. No matter how much jail time you do for a crime, you're always guilty and are never forgiven here. You're always reminded of your crime with each job application you complete, each job you interview for but don't get, and each jury you don't get picked for because you're a former criminal.

The link you posted doesn't surprise me, not one bit. And the Hitler question is just insulting.

I'm glad you've escaped to a country that makes sense! :-)

Mom said...

I think you need to read closer - the reason these countries are listed is because they have all agreed to a VISA Waiver Program with the US - not because they have money - how absurd! I won't try to convince anyone that everything the US government does makes good sense....but I hate to say but the bureacracy in each of your countries have some pretty absurd ideas to others. I hope you all feel safe where you live because I feel safe here and I appreciate anything that Homeland Security can do to enable me to continue to be safe. Everyone has to be from "somewhere" and as for me - I love Texas and I plan to call it home for a long time - I believe countries or states only get better as good people get involved to make it better instead of just bitching about it. Don't mean to offend anyone, but that's how I feel about it!

Stephanie said...

This isn't a new system at all. This is just an electronic version of the form foreigners have to fill out to get to the US, correct? I know Kjartan has filled out all those questions every time we have had to travel into the US from Denmark. Is the news that there is a $25 charge? I had to fill out a similar form from the Spanish government every time I traveled there.

And yes, I agree with Mom in that the reason why those countries are on the list is because they are FRIENDLY with the US and therefore citizens from those countries don't require visas. Visas cost a lot more than $25.

I don't think it's anything new that countries require people to pay to get in. I for one had to pay $200 plus overnight shipping to get my visa from Sweden and several of my classmates were denied many times, had to pay extra fees, and were forced to cancel flights and pay for new ones because the Swedish visa process had too much red tape. They showed up late to the program because of it and missed the first month of classes.

Red tape and bureaucracy stinks - and it stinks no matter where you are.

MoMo 2.0 said...

The system is not new in the world, but for foreigners traveling to the US, it is brand new as of Jan. 12. Mads has come to the US numerous times and always has a form to fill out before he lands...just like I do, as a citizen. This new process is done online, before you leave, and CAN BE DENIED and then you submit the payment.

My issue is not with the issue is that Homeland security has estimated a SEVEN BILLION DOLLAR profit from this the first year. Having a program to cover security costs is appropriate...having a program to generate that type of profit from people coming to the US who are going to SPEND money once they are there is, in my opinion, irresponsible.