Saturday, December 20, 2008

Skifte spor.... Making changes

Jeg er ikke dansk og jeg ved dette, men hver dag, viser de danske mennesker ting til mig som jeg ønsker at ændre ved mig selv. Jeg indser at jeg har vokset op i en "nem verden". Dog, min verden var ikke nem fordi mine forældre gjorde alting til mig---derimod--de opdragede os at være ansvarlig, uafhængig og selvstændig--hvilket jeg er taknemmelig for. Jeg har haft et godt og et nemt liv i Amerika, men jeg er bange for at jeg har fået en indstilling af "behagelighed" i mit liv og dette gør mig trist, og har inspireret mig at skifte spor i mit liv.

I am not Danish and I know that, but everyday the Danish people show me things that I wish to change about myself. I realize that I have grown up in an "easy world". However, my world was not easy because my parents did everything for me--on the contrary--they raised us to be responsible, independent and self-reliant--for which I am thankful. I have had a good and easy life in American, but I am afraid that I have adopted an attitude of "convenience" and this makes me sad, and has caused me to commit to some changes in my own life.

De fleste mennesker som jeg underviser på engelsk arbejder i et firma med en forbindelse til vindenergi. Når jeg planlægger deres lektier, læser jeg mange ting om vindmøller og vindenergi (så mine lektier til dem er relevent for deres liv) og desto mere at jeg læser, desto mere jeg er inspireret at finde ud mere. Selvfølgelig, kan Mads og jeg ikke have en vindmøller i baghave til at skabe energi vi har brug for, men jeg tror at der er ting jeg kan ændre i mit daglige liv for at blive mere "miljøbevist" og mindre "behagelighedbevist". Jeg har mange ideer at dele..... senere.... men lige nu, tænker jeg på hvor meget jeg bruger bilen hver dag. Mads (og mest mennesker i Herning) tager deres cykler til arbejde hver dag..... igennem den kolde vind, regn, sne, tåge og mere regn.... de cykler. Jeg er ikke så stærk .... jeg indrømmer dette..... men jeg ønsker at bruge min cykel mere....... Efter Jul, når jeg begynder mit fuldtids job hos Herning Gymnasium, SKAL jeg at cykle på arbejde..... Kryds dine fingre for at jeg bliver stærkere og modigere.....små trin leder til større trin....

Most of the people to whom I teach English work in companies with a connection to wind engery. As I plan their lessons each week, I read many things about windmills and wind energy (so the lessons are relevant to their lives) and the more I read, the more I am inspired to find our more. Of course, Mads and I cannot have a windmill in our yard to create our own personal energy that we need, but I believe that there are things I can change in my daily life to become more "environmentally conscious" and less "convenience focused". I have many ideas to share... later... but right now, I am thinking about how much I use the car everyday. Mads (and most people in Herning) ride their bikes to work everyday...through cold wind, rain, snow, fog, and more rain...they ride. I am not tough... I admit this... but I wish to use my bike more...... After Christmas, when I start my full time position at Herning Gymnasium, I WILL begin to ride my bike to work....Cross your fingers that I become less wimpy and braver.... Small steps lead to bigger steps...

Selvfølgelig, min yndlings ting er at tage billeder af vindmø jeg elsker også at tage "interessant cykel-billeder"! Nyde!

Of course, my favorite thing to photograph is windmills, but I also love to take "interesting bike photos"! Enjoy!

Nu ved jeg hvorfor børn lærer at cykel så tidligt!
Now I know how kids learn to ride so early!

Denne cykel er stillet udenfor en børnehave tæt på Haraldsgade hver dag!
This bike is parked outside a daycare near our street every day!

Små børn har brug for små cykler!
Tiny kids need tiny bikes!

At blive ældre betyde ikke at du kan ikke køre på din cykle! Måske du har brug for en cykel med 3 hjul i stedet for 2 hjul nu!

Getting older does not mean you cannot ride your bike any longer! Maybe you just need a bike with 3 wheels instead of 2!


Lisa said...

I think I may need the 3 wheel version now! I love the pictures!

N said...

Good for you:) I really want to have a bike too...but I will wait once I officially moved here. Different cultures teach us different things.

Skogkjerring said...

They have a saying in Norway, "Det finnes ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlig klær" Loosely translated: There is no bad weather, only bad clothing! Which is the Norwegian mantra for going outside in all types of weather- something we Americans are NOT use too!! At least not the majority of us. I think it's admirable that you are already thinking of New Year resolutions and they are so enviornmentally friendly!! I think it's easier to become enviornmentally friendly here then in the states. We sort our garbage here in Norway and I asked my parents why they didn't do things like that I said they should think about Global Warming and they didn't believe in those things, they didn't think there was any problem like that what-so-ever. I thought it was just my parents, but when my uncles visited from back east, they also thought that way!! How can they possibly deny this?? GRRRRR!!!

Paula said...

This post really spoke to me. I am surprised about how "convenient" but energy wasting my past life in Singapore was. I took cabs everywhere- nobody cycled. I think its fantastic that people here choosing bicycles over cars. I plan to start cycling soon now that I live in the city!!

Rachel said...

Great post.... and I'm sure you'll enjoy biking to work. I found it's a great stress reliever before and after work.

Just like you found different ways to drive all those different places for your current position, you'll have even more fun biking different routes.

I liked the variety of bikes in photos you shared, too.

journeyinfinite said...

Great pics! I love biking (and roller blading)! I am fine with biking on sidewalks, but I hate biking in traffic lanes where you have to trust that drivers are paying attention to you. It seems so dangerous...we need more bike lanes!

I remember when you told me about Mads saying "There is no bad weather, only bad clothing!" And I agree that layers and scarves are the way to go! I am still so wimpy about cold, tho! It seeps into my core so quickly and it hurts. I do love being in hot weather, tho!

Mom said...

I am so proud that you are learning such valuable life lessons that I have tried teach you in the past - I'm pleased the Danish oeople have helped you learn to value the environment and all the beauty around you. I always thought that in Texas you lived your life so fast (and convenient) that you missed things that are really important...but I see you finally "get it." I guess this is a sign my little girl is "growing up." I love it! Enjoy your time with your little girl as she is also growing up quickly.

Anonymous said...

Love the photos! Remember that you MUST put on winter tyres on a bike so that you don't skid and have an accident!

The Swedes also have that saying about no bad weather... I agree with the implication but sometimes that is just pure rubbish. In a snowstorm, with a gale force wind blowing snow or ice into your face - no amount of clothing can keep you warm!!