Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Som vi forbinder jule traditioner .... As we combine Christmas traditions

Der er ingenting som hyggelig som den Jule sæson. Især når du går indtil din dagligstue og den første ting at du ser er juletræet. Dette år har Mads og jeg begyndt at forbinde vores Jule traditioner sammen, og jeg er så glad at han er en slags mand som ved at mine amerikanse traditioner er vigtig til mig. Så i stedet for laver en "dansk jul" kun, laver han og jeg en "ameri-dansk Jul" så alle ting at vi synes er mest speciel kan være del af "Nørgaard Jul"!

There is nothing as cozy as the Christmas season. Especially when you walk into the living room and the first thing you see is the Christmas tree. This year Mads and I have begun to combine our Christmas traditions together, and I am so glad that he is the type of man who knows that my American traditions are important to me. So instead of making only a "Danish Christmas" in our home, he and I are making an "Ameri-Danish Christmas" so all the things that we think are most special can be part of "Nørgaard Jul"!

Jul i Danmark mener NISSER over alt! Jeg tænker de er så søde og er glad for at have dem som del af vores dekorationer!
Christmas in Denmark means NISSER (ELVES) everywhere! I think they are so sweet and I am so glad to have them as part of our Christmas decorations!

I Danmark, pakker butikkerne ind julegaver for gratis men Mads kender hvor meget jeg elsker at pakke ind julegaver på en aften, efter jeg har købt alting. Jeg elsker at have værelset fyld med julepapir, bånd, Julesanger, sterinlys... hvad en hyggelig aften! Dette år, pakker Mads og jeg ind julegaverne sammen.

In Denmark, the shops wrap Christmas gifts for free but Mads knows how much I love to wrap Christmas gifts all at once, after I have bought everything. I love to have the room filled with giftwrap, ribbons, Christmas music, candles... what a cozy night! This year, Mads and I will wrap the Chrristmas gifts together.

"Julestrømper" er ikke en normal tradition i Danmark siden den Julemand er en amerikansk tradition.... og vi hænger julestrømper op på den 24. december så den Julemand kan sætte julegaver ind dem. Sidste år, købte jeg en julestrømper for Mads, alle 3 af os har en! Måske den Julemand vil sætte noget ind Mads´s når han kommer på juleaften for at bringe noget til Jess! Da jeg tog til MoMos begrævelse i august, fandt jeg Mos julestrømper at jeg har givet til hende mange mange år siden. Jeg syntes at den bedste plads for at hænge hendes julestrømper i fremtiden var i mit hus.

Stockings are not a usual tradition in Denmark since Santa is an American tradition.... and we hang our stockings up on Dec. 24 so that Santa can put little gifts inside them. Last year, I bought a stocking for Mads so now, all three of us have one. Maybe Santa will put something in Mads´ when he comes on Christmas eve when he comes to bring something for Jess! Also, when I went to MoMo´s funeral in August, I found Mo´s in August, I found Mo´s stocking that I had given to her many many years ago. I thought that the best place to hang it in the future was in my home.

I Texas tænder vi på vores Juletræ ELEKTRISKE lys, men i Danmark, tændte Juletræet på normalt med ild.... med sterinlys eller stjernekasterer, så 2008 er min første oplevelse med et træ hvilket er "sætte i brand"!

In Texas we light our Christmas trees with ELECTRIC lights, but in Denmark, the Christmas tree is normally lit with fire... with candles or sparklers (yes, the kind you use on the 4th of July!), so 2008 is my first experience with a tree which is "on fire"!

En af de første masser at jeg sendte tilbage til Danmark med Mads var kasserne med mine juledekorationer. Jeg har så mange specielle juleornamenter....inklusive ornamenter fra da Jess var en lille pige, Alberts "bichon" ornament, min "tommelfingeraftryk" mus at jeg lavet i 1980, og min Dallas Mavericks ornament at min veninde Nancy gav til mig. Nu, hænger alle af dem i Herning Denmark.

One of the first loads of things that I sent back with Mads to Denmark was the boxes with my Christmas decorations. I have so many special Christmas ornaments....including ornaments from when Jess was a little girl, Albert´s "bichon" ornament, my thumbprint mouse that I made in 1980, and my Dallas Mavericks ornament that my friend Nancy gave to mig. Now, they are all hanging in Herning Denmark.

Nu, er det tid for at slutte skrivning vores første Julekort sammen......hvilket er en tradition i Amerika OG Danmark!

Now, it is time to finish writing our first Christmas cards together.... which is a tradition in America AND Denmark!


Anonymous said...

Dear Kelli,

Greetings from across the border in Germany!

I often read your blog and your consistency writing in Danish and English. I believe it is not always easy. Though I do not speak Danish at all, I learn a little bit of the language from your blog. And having a colleague at work who speaks fluent Danish, I know it is not an easy language to pronounce!

Anyhow, congratulations on your new fulltime job at Herning Gymnasium! Being a foreigner myself in this country, I know how it feels when one gets a new job, and a good one!

Enjoy the new job and all the best!

Lisa said...

OMG! I can not believe the sparklers on the tree. We are always told not to leave the electric lights on through the night because of the fire hazard. I wounder how many fires they have each Christmas.

Stephen J McGinnis said...

wow a real tree.... with sparklers on it that just does not sound like a safe thing but hey what ever the viking does.... ooo and we have your tree up in our house now, it also sleeted here last night and its been like 32 all day i want it to snow so bad but its texas :( o well but yea hope you have a good day!!!

Mom said...

Love the tree! Tell Mads to be careful with those sparklers - don't catch the tree on fire. Glad that you are bringing some of your Texas Christmas traditions to Denmark. I remember the early days of our marriage when Dad & I had to merge the traditions of North Texans & Cajun folks...thus our traditions were born. I'm so glad that you are happy - you have found a good man in Mads. Love him with all your heart and I suspect that he will always treat you with honor & respect - You deserve it!! Love ya, mom

Anonymous said...

Isn't you mum sweet?

Sparklers in Christmas trees - oh those crazy Danes! They don't do that over here in Sweden.

I love all your Christmas decorations! However, I obviously haven't read all your earlier posts as I don't know who Jesse is...

MoMo 2.0 said...

Lady Fi... Jess is my 17 year old daughter... She is staying at her dads this year in Texas as she prepares to begin at the university. She has a residency permit to be in DK also, but she is not very keen about Danish winters! However, she will be here in 11 days for Christmas!!!

Nichole said...

I love seeing all the different ways you and Mads are not only joining your lives but each others traditions and cultures. It is such a special and unique relationship. The sparklers on the tree are soooo cool!

Sarah said...

I love seeing all your decorations. It was cool to see a tree with the "real" candles. I have never seen that it person or the sparklers.

Ohh and Congrats on the job!!!!!!!

United Studies said...

You and Mads remind me SO much of me and Peter. After 4 years of marriage we have figured out ways to combine both the Danish and American Christmas traditions and it's a lot of fun. Although we still have debates over whether to open Christmas gifts on the 24th or 25th. I'll be doing my Christmas posts next week.

Anonymous said...

Wow - a teen daughter.. cool! You mean - she prefers the sun to ... drizzle?

How great that she will be with you soon!

Stephanie said...


Love your Christmas tree! We're heading home to the US for Christmas, so we don't have many decorations i our house. And I have a question for you (and anyone else who reads this blog): Do you know where I can purchase travel health insurance for my 3 week stay in the US? I see short-term health insurance for Americans living in America and travel insurance for non-americans going to America, but none for me! Any help is appreciated. You can respond on my blog. THANKS!

Tara said...

They are for the tree!!???! I bought some sparklers the other day... for no other reason than in California they are illegal. :)

Putting them on the tree sounds like a SO NOT SMART thing to do. But I guess they burn out fast. How do you light them all at once? HA Make a movie of that please! :)

Travel insurance: We used once I think. I was eight months pregnant and wanted to make sure I was covered. :)

Tara said...

HA. Just found the movie! They burn out so quick. :) Maybe we'll try it! My husband will kill me!