Monday, December 29, 2008

Vigtigheden af ægget ... The importance of the egg

Hvordan kan du vide hvis du er en GOD DANSK KONE???
Du kan lave et perfekt 7 minutter æg.... slagsen at din mand kan spise med en ske! Og JEG KAN NU!!
(og jeg er ret sikker på at dette er nødvendig før jeg kan blive en dansk statsborger!)

How do you know if you are a GOOD DANISH WIFE??
You can make a perfect 7 minute egg.....the kind that your husband can eat with a spoon! And NOW I CAN!!

(And I am pretty sure that this is a necessary skill before I can be granted Danish citizenship!)


Skogkjerring said...

Ok, now you are getting a big carried away...I really hope Mads is not that KRESEN that he has to have a perfect egg or you aren't a perfect wife...geez...hahahaha...but go ahead and enjoy working on being the perfect danish a few years you'll be writing, LOVE ME FOR WHO I AM OR SCREW IT!!! In the meantime, enjoy that egg there Mads!!!!

MoMo 2.0 said...

lol.... I hear you Amy! But Mads will eat it however I prepare it...I was just totally impressed with myself that IT WORKED this time!! Now, the REAL perfect wife would also EAT the 7 minute egg...but I will never convert to that! It´s 12 minutes for me!

Rachel said...

ha ha! I liked this post and the pictures were perfect - the perfect egg with the Christmas tree in the background and then Mads eating the perfect egg with a look as tho he's the happiest guy in Denmark! :-)

I'm sure you're better than the perfect wife for Mads.

Thanks again for cheering me on @ my running blog.

BABS said...

I'm a twelve minute girl myself, I don't like all that gloopy stuff going on.

My spouse makes the perfect 7 minute egg though, and if he wants one he has to make it himself!

Over time I have concentrated more and more on perfecting my anglo and american classic dishes and bakes. I was a really average cook when I came here, but now my 'signature' dishes and cakes and cookies have gained infamy in our district. The local kids clamour for a taste of my baked goods. I am priding myself more and more on perfecting the dishes I know i will lose if I don't keep making them!

Mind you, my scandinavian family taught me how to make all the basics at an early age, and I could whip up a batch of frikadeller at the age of 9! Then it was about preserving the Scandinavian traditions because we didn't live here. I don't make anything traditionally Danish now though, but I admire your loving housewifeyness in making a beloved dish for your sweetheart :)

There are so many really special national dishes here. Have you tried the minced beef and mashed pototoe favourite that translates as 'Burning Love'? Mmmmmmmm! That I do love, and the meat can be swapped with minced vegetable protein or soya.

Anonymous said...

I was about to say: Can't he cook an egg himself?

But well done you, anyway! I always have to ring Sir Pe to ask him how many minutes I should boil an egg for.. that's how skilled I am! ;-)

Lisa said...

OH, Zach will fit in more then one way. When we got back to the states from Denmark I had to go out and buy "Egg Cups" for his soft boiled eggs that he just adores now.

United Studies said...

Hahaha....Peter and I were just talking about this subject this in Denmark they are still kind of old fashioned in that people think a man is lucky if he has a wife that can cook well. :-)

N said...

Never make those eggs...the man is not demanding:p

Do you want to trade your American citizenship to Danish one?