Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Billigere i danmark ... Cheaper in Denmark

Før jeg flyttede til danmark, hørte jeg samme ting så mange gang---

1. Kan du tale hollandsk ligesom mennesker i danmark?

2. Vil du have på træsko når du flytter der?

Before I moved to Denmark, I heard the same things so many times--

1. Can you speak Dutch like the other people who live in Denmark?
2. Will you wear wooden shoes after you move there?

Efter jeg har forklaret til personen at jeg var flytte til DANMARK, ikke HOLLAND, sagde de samme ting, hver gang.

3. Åh, danmark! Jeg ELSKER småkager fra der...du ved...slags i blå kasse?! De smager rigtigt godt!

After I had explained to the person that I was moving to DENMARK, not the Netherlands, they would say the same thing, every time!

3. Oh Denmark! I love those cookies that we get from there... you know, the ones in the blue tin?

Gætte Hvad? De småkager i blå kasse koster ca. 40kr i amerika, men jeg kan køber dem her for 10kr (men uden blå kasse)! Jeg har fundet NOGET BILLIGERE in DENMARK! Og det er faktisk, noget at jeg ville at købe! :o)

And guess what?! The cookies in the blue tin cost around 8 dollars in the US, but I can buy there here for about 2 dollars (but without the blue tin). I have found SOMETHING CHEAPER in DENMARK! And it is actually something I want to buy! :o)


Anonymous said...

Oh - I hear you on the whole mixing up of countries... Denmark is Dutch, and and Sweden is Swiss... right?

mmmm... those cookies look nice!

United Studies said...

HAHA...we just had some for Christmas! We bought them on sale for 2/$5.

And you know what? When people find out that Peter is from Denmark, the first question is you speak dutch?

Paula said...

Finally, something we can hail as cheaper in Denmark! lol. Try Sostrene and Grene sometime and you will find fantastic bargains in Denmark that you cant find elsewhere too!

N said...

Lol...I got asked plenty of questions by my coworkers too. Do they speak Dutch or German? Is he from Norway or Sweden? I love those butter can get that at Costco.

People are very confused about Denmark. By the way, I get those cookies for $3.99 in Canada:)

BABS said...

My personal fave: " that in Sweden?"

My grandad wore wooden shoes every day of his life, LOL. Our American family send over orders for teeny tiny ones every time a new babe is born.

Those butter biscuits are really special and make any occasion a celebration :)

Lisa said...

If I only had a dime for everytime I was asked questions regarding the Netherlands, when I metion Denmark. I would be a rich woman and could buy all the cookies I wanted!

Anonymous said...

Question: You're from Denmark? Do you speak Dutch then? Is Denmark the capital of Ikea?
Answer: No, you went to school? You learned geography then?

Unknown said...

I have yet to find anything cheaper in Norway..sigh...

Tara said...

When I found out I was moving to Denmark I had to look it up on a map... OOOOOHHH that little place above Germany.

HOLMES said...

1. I hate those effing butter cookies. No offense.

2. All of my clogs (the ones I have with flowers on them) came from Sweden.

3. Before you moved to Denmark, every time I heard "Denmark" I thought of 2 things: Hamlet, and this piece of music we played in college band called the Prince of Denmark March.

Anonymous said...

Yeah...what is even sadder is when "The Prince and Me" with Julia Stiles is what comes to mind when someone says "Denmark". Before you met Mads, that was pretty much my only association with the country. Well, that and the fact that it was next to Germany... Now I'm so glad you've changed that!

Alex said...

Oh god yes. Even my boyfriend mixes it up every couple of months and calls Danish "Dutch."