Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Er du rask??!! Are you healthy??!!

Tryk her-- "RASK-KELLI"
I følge Berlingske, en dansk avis, og en ekspert fra Diabetesforeningen, en stor numse holder dig rask, så ved du hvad dette betyder?! JEG ER RASK! MEGET RASK!
"Der er sundt fedt (numse) og ikke sundt fedt (maven og bryster), og det på rumpen er sundt," så opskriften til en sund krop er en stor numse! :o) Det lyder godt til mig! (Sometider kan medicinske undersøge være sjov! LOL!)

Click here-- HEALTHY-KELLI
According to Berlingske, a Danish newspaper, and an expert from the Diabetes Foundation, big butts keep you healthy, so do you know what this means?! I AM HEALTHY! VERY HEALTHY! There is healthy fat (butt) and there is unhealthy fat (stomach and breasts), and the fat on the rump is the healthy kind," so the recipe for a healthy body is a big butt! :o) Sounds good to me! (Sometimes medical research can be fun! LOL)

Jeg tror at Sir Mix-a-lot og Mads har ret.... "de kan lide store numser og de kan ikke lyve!"
I think that Sir Mix-a-lot and Mads were right...."they like big butts and they cannot lie!"


Skogkjerring said...

God Bless you for this day has just started in the best way.... :-))

Unknown said...

As long as you aint wrapping that bootie in grey sweatpants, I'm cool... (I of course have the back, belly & boob fat.... )
A T T R A C T I V E !

Anonymous said...

That is so hilarious! Thanks for posting...

There is nothing wrong with a big seat of learning... ;-)

KCLC said...

I am on the same side with Tressa on this one. Instead of playing redlight/greenlight with my nieces and nephew, I can play healthy/unhealthy. LOL
Your blogs are so informative. I learn something new each day!!!
Also , that is a very honorable thing to be chosen to participate in the rosebowl parade. The band must have been really good !!!!

Mom said...

I absolutely love this! Of course I'm in the big butt club...but I also have some fat "up front." Guess I better work on that in 2009 because I sure want to be healthy. Let's hear it for all the Big Butt Women in the world!

Gutsy Living said...

Funny that we both posted about butts on the same day. Must be telepathy although mine is the colonoscopy aspect as you know. Hey, try the diet I talked about--liquids only. That might take a pound off, although my weight went up yesterday by simply drinking fluids. How is that possible?

Lisa said...

Well, I have ample about in the the butt. Do you think it counters all the fat I have in the belly and boobs? You know cancel out each other like a diet soda with a candy bar?