Saturday, January 3, 2009

Kun for dyrene ... Just for the animals

Som du kører på vejene i Texas, ser du mange døde dyr....Vi kalder dem "roadkill" fordi de er dyr at har været dræbt som en bil, og de er over alt.....bæltedyr, stinkdyr, pungrotter, og vaskebjørne. (Kender du at vi har ikke disse dyr i Danmark?) Efter mange måneder kører langs vejene Danmark, spurgte jeg Mads om "dansk roadkill" og hvorfor jeg har ikke set det her. Han fortalte mig at "roadkill" er ikke så normal i Danmark og en grund er fordi vi har speciel broer kun for dyrene. Jeg troede ikke ham fordi jeg syntes han drillede mig igen. Men for nylig, jeg så broerne at han har fortalt mig faktisk har dem! Jeg har lært at Danmark har bygget mange broer over motorveje, kun for dyrene, ligesom denne bro, så dyrene kan krydse frem og tilbage uden fare. Måske jeg skulle skrive til vores guvernør i Texas og fortæller ham om disse.... jeg tænker det er en rigtig god ide´ og jeg forestiller at bæltedyrene vil enige med mig! :o)

As you drive along the Texas roads, you see many dead animals... We call them "roadkill" because they are animals that have been hit and killed by a kill and they are everywhere.....armadillos, skunks, possums, og raccoons. (Did you know that we don´t have these animals in Denmark?) After many months driving along the roads of Denmark, I asked Mads about "Danish roadkill" and why I had not seen any here. He told me that roadkill is not so common here and that one of the reasons is because of the special bridges that we have in Denmark, bridges just for the animals. I did not believe first because I thought he was teasing me again. But recently, I saw the bridges that he told me about....we really do have them. And since then, I have learned that Denmark has built these bridges over the highways, just for the animals, so they can cross back and forth without any danger. Maybe I should write to our governor in Texas and tell him about these... I think it is a great idea, and I imagine that the armadillos would agree with me! :o)


Skogkjerring said...

I have NEVER thought about roadkill over here until you mentioned it but now that you have......huh....we don't have any occasional cat but otherwise nothing...if you hit a deer or a moose they send special hunters out to find the animals you've hit and finish them off or make sure they are capable of surviving. Bridges for it!!!

Anonymous said...

Poor armadillo!

Good idea to have bridges for animals - in England, we have special underground crossings for frogs, for example!

But if you did get these bridges in Texas, what would Texans eat then? (You know I*m only joking, right? ;-))

N said...

That dead picture of armadillo made me sad. I'm terrified of roadkill animals.

BABS said...

We do have roadkill here, but I believe they actually try to register each death, there is actually a map of where the worst areas for roadkill are..I cannot remember where to get this map from, but I think it is from the Danish Forest people (I can't remember what they are called but it's a government funded venture). Sometimes the emergency services have to be called to remove the animals from the road because they are a hazard. This is my hunch, that the animals are still getting it, but that they are cleaned away afterwards. There will certainly be less carnage with the bridges in place.

It is advisable to make a habit of driving carefully in the forested areas because deer will just appear out of nowhere.

We've seen a lot of roadkill around DK, deer, badgers (a lot of badgers) hedgehogs, fox etc but only in very rural areas. My hunch is that people remove the animals. We certainly drag them to the side. We know people who travel with shovels so that if they see roadkill they drag it off and bury it there and then, out of respect.

The most frequently seen animals killed by cars in town or hamlet is cats. This makes me bawl my eyes out!

I think they even have little bridges for the hedgehogs in certain places.

journeyinfinite said...

That is an amazing example of ecological consciousness.

Denmark sets some great examples for other countries when it comes to being green and minimizing ecological impact with industrial progress.

KCLC said...

This put a smile on my face! And I am sure it must be alot cheaper than having to hire a hedgehog crossing guard.

Anonymous said...

...or maybe it's just that the animals in Texas are bigger risk takers :D