Friday, January 30, 2009

Lærdansks lille pige.... Lærdansk´s baby girl

Marta (fra Ukraine), Kristen (fra Tyskland) og jeg (fra Texas....jeg mener, Amerika) mødte hinanden i august i dansk klasse 3.2. Da du har danske klasser 4 gange om ugen, bliver du veninder hurtigt! Vi havde mange timer sammen og hjalp hinanden igennem præpositioner, verber, og hvordan at "lyde" dansk! Vores klasse havde en speciel forbindelse til Kristen fordi hun var gravid da hun tilmedte i 3.2, og vi så hendes "dato" bliver nærmere hver dag.

Marta (from the Ukraine), Kristen (from Germany) and I (from Texas, I mean America) met each other in August in Danish class module 3.2. When you have Danish class with each other four times a week, you quickly become friends! We have many hours together and helped one another through prepostitions, verbs and how to "sound" Danish! Our class had a special connection to Kristen because she was pregnant when she enrolled in 3.2 and so we were able to watch her get closer and closer to her due date each day.

Endelig, var lille pige, Lotte, født den 17. november. Marta og Alexander (hendes søn) og jeg kørte til Brande i mandags for at møde Lotte for den første gang. Vi så også vores veninde Kristen "ikke gravid" for den første gang! Hun så godt ud!

Finally baby girl, Lotte, arrived on November 17. Marta and Alexander (her son) and I decided to drive to Brande on Monday to meet little Lotte for the first time. And we also saw our friend Kristen "unpregnant" for the first time! She looked great!

Alexander syntes at Lotte var så sød! Og jeg indrømmer at "baby feber" var i luften!! :o)

Alexander thought that Lotte was so sweet and cute! And I admit that "baby fever" was in the air! :o)


Skogkjerring said...

Well, with any luck maybe you and Mads will be able to bring your own little Dane into the world!! There was a time I went weak in the knees whenever a baby was around me, I kept thinking...maybe...I think I was like this even when you and I first started writing, but now, I feel pretty good about my No answer whenever someone asks me, Don't you want another??? It's so nice to go home from work and everyone wipes their own asses...hahahahaha...

Anonymous said...

Very sweet! Baby fever - is it catching?

Unknown said...

Soo sweet. I am trying to resist the baby fever...its hard...but I have to hang in there.

Mom said...

I know a cure for that baby fever - we should talk!