Thursday, January 1, 2009

Oversættelser... Translations

Sommetider klager jeg over det danske fjernsyn, men det er kun fordi jeg savner så mange shows fra Amerika. Dog, når jeg samligner dansk fjernsyn med andre landes fjernsyn, ER DANMARK HELT SIKKERT BEDRE! Næsten altid, er amerikanske shows i Danmark på engelsk med danske undertekster. Dog, mange lande elsker deres sprog så meget at de bringer amerikanske shows og i stedet for tilføjer undertekst, tilføjer de deres sprog... så hvad du hører er ikke de samme som en karakters mund taler. Denne er ikke så sjov at høre eller at se på! For eksempel--min mormor elskede "The Bold and the Beautiful", en amerikansk soap opera, men jeg tænker at hun ikke ville have været glad for at se det med des "nye sprog".... Kigge og Høre....og nyde! :o)

Sometimes I complain about Danish TV, but it is only because I miss many of my American shows. However, when I compare Danish TV to TV in other countries, DENMARK IS DEFINITEY BETTER! When American shows are brought to Danish tv, they are almost always in their original language with Danish subtitles. However, many countries love their language so much that when they bring American tv shows to their channels, instead of adding subtitles, they add their own language....what what you hear does not connect to what you see on the characters´mouths. This is not so fun to hear or to watch! For example--my MoMo loved "The Bold and the Beautiful", an American soap opera, but I do not think that she would like to see it in its "new language"..... Look and Listen... and Enjoy! :o)


Anonymous said...

I don't know the program so can't really tell what I'm missing!

But I do avoid watching children's films that are dubbed into Swedish as it is just all wrong! ;-) Adult films always have subtitles over here too... thank goodness!

Rachel said...

Thanks for posting this w/ the video clip.

It sounded rather confusing whether you understood the Danish or not... bc it sounds like the same lady speaking for all 3 ladies.

I'd appreciate the subtitles for this show I think. lol

Happy New Year, Kelli & Mads! I hope you have a great 2009 :-)

N said...

Oh yes, it sure is annoying. By broadcasting the original version, citizens can learn how to speak English.

In Taiwan and Quebec (French), they subbed every single movie and show on television. No wonder people can't learn English properly.

May said...

Yeah, it took me a long time to get used to all the synchronization while I was living in Switzerland, but after a while I actually didn't notice that much anymore, plus it helped me learn the language faster.

I used to watch King of Queens while living abroad and it was so weird to hear Carrie's real voice once I moved back.

PS: Rachel, they are speaking German, not Danish :)

Nichole said...

Having English TV shows here certainly helps make living in a foreign country seem a little less foreign. It is something I have always appreciated. :) I know if we ever end up living anywhere else in the world, we won't be so lucky.

Alex said...

Hvad synes De "Matador?" I hear it's a popular tv show. I couldn't find it subtitled, so I am waiting until my Danish is better to watch it.