Thursday, January 22, 2009

Priser ... Prices

Jeg modtager ofte spørgsmål om priser i Danmark så i aftes, imens Mads og jeg købte ind, tog jeg billeder af typisk ting på min "shopping list". (og selvfølgelig, andre mennesker i "Super Best" butik syntes at jeg var lidt skør med mit kamera, men jeg har lært at ignorere dem når de stirrer på mig! LOL)

I often receive questions about prices in Denmark so last night, while Mads and I grocery shopped, I took pictures of the typical things on my grocery list. (And of course, the other people in "Super Best" market thought I was a little crazy with my camera, but I have learnd to ignore them when they stare at me! LOL)

Jeg køber "butiks mærker" så meget som muligt, fordi de er billigere end "navne mærker", men mad og køkken ting er stadig SÅ DYRT i Danmark. Da jeg begyndte mine indkøb i juni, tænkte jeg i "amerikanske penge", og havde ondt i min maven hver gang! Jeg tænkte--"Hvordan kan jeg betale 60kr for en lille pakke ost?!" Nu tænker jeg i dansk penge og jeg er faktisk vant til priserne her. Jeg synes stadig at tingene er dyre, men nu ved jeg hvad et "godt" tilbud er!

I buy "store brands" as often as possible beause they are cheaper than the "name brands", but food and things are still SO EXPENSIVE in Denmark! When I began grocery shopping in June, I thought in "American money" and had a stomach ache every time! I would thing, "How can I pay 12 dollars for a little pack of cheese?!" Now I think in Danish money and I am actually used to the prices here. I still things are expensive, but now I know what a "good" offer is!

BEMÆRK--at omdanne fra danske kroner til US penge--dividere prisen som 5 (det skifter dag om dag, men 5 er en stabil nummer for at bruge)

NOTE--to convert from Danish kroner to US dollars--divide the price by 5 (it actually changes day to day, but 5 remains a pretty stable number to use)

500 g = 17 oz.
1 cereal = 28,5kr

500ml= 17 oz.
1 mayonnaise= 21,95kr

200 g = 7 oz.
1 Philadelphia =17,95kr

1 toilet paper (8 roll)=34,95

(efter min mening, butik slags er IKKE ok for toilet paper!! / In my opinion, generic toilet paper is NOT an option!!)

1 liter mælk= 33 oz. milk

1 kilogram ris = 35oz ris= 22,95kr

15 æg/eggs = 20 kr

250g Skiveost = 8oz. Sliced cheese = 31,95kr

500gr Kaffe = 17 oz Coffee = 36kr

8 tortillas= 23,95kr

1 Becel (because you cannot buy PAM here...this is our "nonstick" stuff)= 17,50kr

500 ml Soy Sauce= 17oz =44,95kr

En lille esktra information til dig----du betaler for ketchup til din pommes frites! Nå, du lærer for at spise MINDRE ketchup på hver pomme frit!
A little extra info for you---you pay for ketchup for your french fries! So you learn to eat LESS ketchup on each french fry!


Unknown said...

You can get MIRACLE WHIP? I am coming over... (just think...Denmark is CHEAP for us!)

Sherri Williams said...

Good gracious! And I thought Hawaii was expensive!!!

Rachel said...

Great Post, Kelli! I love all the pix, too. Your comment about "dividing by 5" made me laugh... that's all I do when I visit DK!

Is there a "Netto" store near you in Herning? Super Best & Netto were the close stores to Mac's place... but I never went to Netto. I thought Netto was a pet store - the dog mascot for the store tricked me lol

Nichole said...

one thing I don't miss about Dk...the prices... :)

Anonymous said...

I actually think it is kinda great that you have to pay extra for ketchup and mayo packets. That is one way Americans are so wasteful. I think if we had to pay for these sort of things, there'd be a lot less waste.

Lisa said...

I love this post! Very informative. I am glad I don't like milk!

David said...

haha!! I agree about the toilet paper...I had this discussion with my roommate yesterday (he's very frugal) while at Wal_Mart...I told him how 1-ply Scott tissue just wasn't going to cut it! Skimping on T.P. just isn't an option!!

Skogkjerring said...

I have seen Miracle Whip in certain stores here in Norway but it's not a regular item and it sure as heck doesn't cost ONLY's like double..anything American is not sold for under 40 kroner at least...

But fun to see we get a lot of the same products and yeah, the prices are cheaper then be happy about that one!! You got the weird language but the best prices!!!

MoMo 2.0 said...

Nettie- I agree.. McDs hands you about 30 ketchups with each order and most are either thrown away, or on the floorboard of Jess´ car!

Rachel-yes we have a NETTO, but that is not the place to do your normal shopping...they have limited items (at a great price!) but you never know what they will have.... changes week to week so it is like an adventure to go and find the bargains!

Anonymous said...

Er.. I think Sweden is more expensive.. and Norway EVEN more expensive than us!!

BTW, we have the same law here regarding names: your child's name has to be approved by the ministry of names (or whatever they are called)!!

Tara said...

Burger King has FREE KETCHUP!!! Better yet, they give you the little cups that you can squirt ketchup into at your own will. :)

Anonymous said...

Netto is nicknamed Ghetto in Denmark, it's a discount store with the same owners as Bilka and Føtex.