Sunday, January 25, 2009

Rundkørsler ... Round-a-bouts

Vi har rundkørsler overalt i Danmark. Mest ligner disse 2 billeder--med en skilt fortæller dig hvilken frakørsel at tage.

We have "round-abouts" all over Denmark. Most look like these 2 pictures--with a sign that tells the driver which "arm" to take to leave the roundabout and head the direction you need to go.

Dog har jeg opdaget en ny slags af rundkørsel i Jylland....især i midtvest jylland! Du ved hvor meget jeg elsker vindmøller og vindmøller-teknologi, så kig efter vores nye rundkørsler imellem Herning og vestkysten (hvor VESTAS laver vindmøller).

However I have discovered a new type of round-abouts in Jutland...especially in Midwest Jutland! You know how much I love windmills and windmill technology, so look at these new round-abouts between Herning and the west coast (where VESTAS makes windmills).

Kan du forestille dig hvorfor disse nye rundkørsler har en vej i midten af dem?!?

Can you imagine why these new round abouts have a driving lane in the middle of them?!

Hvis du ikke ved, kig efter billeder fra min blog POST i november2008. Jeg elsker for at opdage ny teknologi!

If you cannot figure it out, look at the pictures from this POST last November. I love to discover new technology!


Anonymous said...

The reason Denmark has built so many roundabout in recent years are to reduce the number of traffic accidents.
Roundabouts are much safer than normal road crossings and reduces the number of traffic accidnets where cars crash into each other.

Anonymous said...

Cool - great idea to have a lane especially for the trucks carrying the windmill towers!

Go here to see the Blog Carnival:

United Studies said...

The town planners in our town thought it would be a great idea to install roundabouts here, but I am just imagining all the accidents! American's can't figure out 4-way will they figure out who has the right-of-way in a roundabout?

Jeannette StG said...

Also Holland is now making use of the round abouts much more than in previous decades. As Anonymous says, it's to reduce traffic accidents (when you're not used to them, it's confusing!).
Wait till you are driving on the left side of the road, like England, and you have to go somewhere, these round-abouts made us get lost more than once :)
(and we are used to drive in different countries)-
well, anything is better than driving in China, cause you might lose your life (i'm serious!)

Garkbit said...

It is claimed, very improbably, that when Queen Elizabeth visited Denmark someone went around covering up the information plates on the elevators so that she wouldn't be offended by the words "i fart".