Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Biograf aften ... Movie Night

Han er bare ikke vild med dig...
He's just not that into you

Jeg giver filmen 2.5 stjerner (ud af 5). Det var sødt og var sjov at se, men jeg er mere interesset i hvor den danske biograf oplevelse er forskellig fra ser en film i den amerikanske biograf! (Og selvfølgelig--- bragte jeg mit kamera med mig til filmen!!)

I give the film 2.5 stars (out of 5). It was sweet and was fun to watch, but I am more interested in how the Danish movie theatre experience is different from watching a movie in an American theatre! (And of course--I brought the camera with me to the movies!

Forskel 1- Priser / Difference #1- Prices
En gennemsnit filmbillet koster 75 kroner i Danmark og 45 kroner i Amerika.
An average movie ticket costs 15 dollars in Denmark and 9 dollars in America.

Forskel 2- Sidder / Difference #2- Seats
Du modtager en siddeplads når du går til biografen i Danmark men i Amerika du har fritvalg af siddepladser. "Gode siddepladser" koster mere end sidderpladser tæt på filmlærred!
You are assigned a seat when you go to the movies in Denmark, but in America you choose where you want to sit. "Good seats" cost more than seats close to the screen!

Forskel 3- Forfriskninger at spise / Difference #3- Refreshments to eat
Popcorn koster mere i Danmark, men du får en større kasse end du modtager i Amerika!
Popcorn costs more in Denmark, but you receive a much bigger tub than you do in America!

Forskel 4- Forfriskninger at drikke / Difference #4- Refreshments to drink
Du kan købe ØL i biografen i Danmark men du kan ikke i Amerika!
You can buy BEER at the movies in Denmark, but you definitely cannot in America!

Forskel 5- Hvornår film kommer ud / Difference #5- When the films come out
De meste populære film kommer ud tidligere i Amerika end de kommer ud i Danmark. Faktisk kommer mange aldrig til Danmark....undtagen som en lejefilm hos Blockbuster!

The most popular films usually come out earlier in America than they do in Denmark. In fact, some of them never make it to Denmark....except as a rental at Blockbuster!


Skogkjerring said...

I don't know about Denmark but at the movies here, you can buy REAL American candy- like Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, Hershey candy bars with oreo cookies in them...you can even buy different flavored powders for popcorn...of course at 8 US dollars for a tiny little box of powder...but hey...if you are really hungry for some American stuff- my advice would be to hit the movie theaters.. ;-))

Paula said...

OOh what I miss most is the sweet popcorn I can get at movies theatres back home. They had an extra sweet variety called 'karmelkorn' - which is a toffee caramel sticky popcorn which I loved!! The only have the salty variety in theatres here.

Anonymous said...

Oh girl, you crack me up -bringing a camera to the cinema!!

And can you really buy BEER at the cinema??... that could never happen in Sweden!

Stephanie said...

Things must be different in Texas too - in MA, movies cost $6 and the popcorns are so American-sized huge you are eating them for weeks! I paid 100kr to see Benjamin Button at the big pink theater near the central station in Copenhagen Friday - I can't handle how expensive movies are! I rent from iTunes for $4 instead. They have a pretty good selection and you get the movie for as long as you want, then for 24 hours from when you first press play. You should try it!

Nichole said...

We don't hit up the movies often (here or there) but I know our first trip to a movie here we will miss the assigned seats and beer! Did I tell you the time we went to a premier of a movie and we had bottomless free beer? That was cool! :)

Anonymous said...

We also have assigned seats in Indonesia, but we surely don't have beer back home. What baffles me the most is how Danes prefer to eat candies than popcorn. At least that's how it is in Copenhagen.

Unknown said...

sounds way better than Norway...I need to find Amy's theater!

Anonymous said...

No beer at the cinemas in the US?
They do sell beer at restaurants right?

HOLMES said...

Great God almighty. Why does there have to be a picture of CORN on the popcorn box. I don't think I could eat popcorn in DK; you know my corn issues.

Also, what Haribo item do you get if you get the "meal deal" in the lower right corner of the last picture?

MoMo 2.0 said...

SH--I cannot believe you noticed the CORN on the box... I NEVER saw that! LOL. And the Haribo deal is small popcorn, HARIBO SLIK (this nasty Danish candy that EVERYONE eats!!) and a small soda for 75kr... a real meal deal! And you should SEEEEEE the candy selection at the theatre. Next time I will take a photo of that!!

And Anon-- you can beer in most restaurants, but keep in mind that there are many "dry" counties in the southern US where you cannot buy ANY liquor! In fact, the town where I lived north of Dallas only became "wet" a few years ago but you still could not buy hard liquor there! You have to drive to another city for that!

United Studies said...

Yes, I can honestly say I was a little surprised to find out you could order beer at the theater! And I actually like the idea of assigned seating.